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Goofy’s Kitchen – Dinner review

Goofy’s Kitchen is a buffet restaurant located in the Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland CA.

Goofy’s Kitchen, hosted by Goofy himself, offers a buffet for breakfast lunch and dinner. We opted for the dinner buffet and booked it the night before. There were plenty of reservations availiable. At $49 per adult for dinner.

Having also eaten at PCH Grill and Storytellers Cafe, Goofy’s Kitchen was at the bottom of the three character offerings at the Disneyland hotel restaurants.

I do not want to start on a downer, but we checked in for our reservation 10 minutes early, we were rushed through to our table without even meeting Goofy at the entrance. We were seated at the back of the restaurant, I think because it was towards the end of service they wanted all guests in one place so they could start to clear down. We were one of the last families to leave at the end of service.

The restaurants decor was loud, it reminded me of the intro to Saved by the Bell. Bright and big shapes.

Our server was lovely, she kept our drinks topped up and explained we would meet, Minnie, Chip and Dale and Pluto, no Donald for us that night. The character interactions were great, really really great. Chip and Dale were mischievous as ever. Chip came and sat with me when Sam was at the buffet station. Showing a love heart with his hands he tried to whisk me away, I explained it was to cold outside and I left my coat at home. He signed that I could cuddle up in his fur, naughty.

Every character we saw with families around us were great, Minnie spend a good 15 minutes with one young girl, colouring and such, it was lovely. Every 20/30 minutes or so the characters would do a little parade around the restaurant spinning some napkins and getting the guests involved.

The food was bitterly average I am afraid, there is a build your own salad station, pasta and meatballs, cheeses, smoked salmon, chicken, pork, mash potato, pizza and a carving station. I think my favourite thing was the BLT salad, I added extra cheese from the build your own salad station. The kids station had the usual Mac and cheese, nuggets, pasta and corn.

The desserts were the best part of the food, (obviously), worms and dirt, which is a solid favourite of mine, bananas foster, a marshmallow and Oreo layered dessert, creme brûlée pizza which was amazing, cookies and cake.

Overall, this experience was just ok, especially when comparing with PCH Grill and Storytellers Cafe. The food was typical Disney food with only a couple of stand out items and yet again, the character interaction were what make the experience what it is.

Have you dined at Goofy’s Kitchen before? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

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