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Storytellers Cafe – Breakfast review

Storytellers Cafe is a buffet and table style restaurant located in the ever so popular Disney Californian Hotel.

Storytellers Cafe is open for breakfast, Bruch and dinner. Characters only visit here during breakfast. Join Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale in their cute adventurous outfits. This was also a must visit before we arrived and with that, had booked it at 60 days prior to arriving.

We dined here on our last day we had chosen a 9am reservation as we needed to be at LAX by 12pm. In an extreme contrast to Donald’s PCH Grill breakfast the day before, this place was heaving. All of the seating areas were full, guest were sat waiting for their parties to be called.

Breakfast buffet offers the typical bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs and bagels. One stand outs for me were these little bagels with cream cheese and salmon, I must have eat about 6 of these and many, many, many tots! There was an omelette station aswell as little bags of cereal flavoured milks. I am not a huge fan of flavoured milks but these seemed extremely popular with the kids. There were also huge fruit platters and charcuterie boards. The time we arrived there was a queue for the buffet and the omelette station. I have also read online, (not experienced it myself) that certain items are on rotation and you might find something a little different each visit.

Juices, filter coffee and teas are included in the $44 price however any speciality coffees and alcoholic beverages have an additional charge.

We had some great interactions with Chip and Dale, they have earned badges for their jackets in activities, one of which was smore making. I told them how much I loved smores and marshmallows, we decided we needed to make a jacket that could hide snacks in to eat whenever we wanted. When Sam had gone up to get an omelette, Dale came back and sat in Sam’s chair we had a cute little interaction and took a selfie. He ran away when Sam came back. A little niggle I had was the tight squeeze of tables it was hard to get a great photo, there are good photos. But some contain tables and chairs and the occasional guests head.

The food was ok but to be honest I didn’t come for the food, the main reason I wanted to dine here was to meet Mickey in his outfit, he reminded me of an explorer, a sort of Indiana Jones inspired look. He looked delightful. Pluto’s dog tag was a compass and Minnie had some awesome shoes on and a butterfly on her hat. Chip and Dale were as cute as ever.

Due to the high popularity of this breakfast buffet, we only saw each character once, apart from Chip who came back to see me. There was the occasional parade through the restaurant where the characters encourage guests to march along with them throughout the dining area. Very cute. I got some great footage of the characters from where we were sat.

Overall a cute and memorable experience, as I said I only really went for the characters the food (mini salmon bagels) were an added bonus.

Have you dined at Storytellers Cafe? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

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