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PCH Grill – Breakfast review

Donald’s PCH Grill buffet is located inside Paradise Pier, Disneyland California.

We booked this reservation the night before we dined, there were plenty of reservations for us to choose from. We walked from Downtown Disney to Paradise Pier, it took around ten minutes. We weren’t sure on how long it would take and we did end up arriving around 15 minutes for our reservation, we checked in and looked around the gift shop.

This dining location has been revamped around 5 times in as many years. We really enjoyed our breakfast buffet here, the restaurant was quiet, breakfast had the usual suspects, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, Mickey waffle and pastries as well as fruit, teas, coffees and juices. The characters for me were what made this breakfast amazing.

When we entered, we were greeted by Donald in his surfer style outfit, a photo pass photographer took some photos, be warned because I wasn’t aware, they will try and sell you these photos during your meal for $37. I don’t think it is worth it because we bought max pass each day which gave us photo pass photos each day, so only to have a print out of one photo was not worth it for us. Anyway, when we sat we only noticed 4 other families around us. It was a breakfasty time, 8.20am. During our breakfast, I want to say around 20 minutes in, ALL and I mean all the other families had finished up and left, leaving just us!! It was pretty funny. We had already met Stitch, Daisy, who loved my Donald Duck backpack and Minnie Mouse dressed as a lifeguard. She looked so flipping cute.

We met the characters on their cycle, but as we were the only ones there for a good 15 minutes before the next family arrived, Stitch, Minnie and Daisy all came around us and sat with us. Daisy pretended to each Sam’s breakfast, Stitch was throwing jam and sprinkling sugar on the table and making a mess, Minnie was telling him off. He hid behind a napkin as if he couldn’t be seen. It was pretty adorable.

I do not understand why this breakfast location was so empty and needs a revamp each year, yes the decor is a little dated, but I would not say the location was out of the way or hard to get to like some Walt Disney World locations we have visited. I think and this is just my opinion, that people will only dine here if they are staying at Paradise Pier because it is seen as out of the way.

We were made to feel extremely welcome by all the cast members, the food was fresh and being replaced regularly even if it hadn’t been touched.

The $39 price tag  per person is worth it for the character interactions we had, I do think if the restaurant was fuller we would have only seen them once and not 5 times, the food options were also slightly lacking in options compared to Goofy’s Kitchen and Storytellers Cafe.

Have you dined at PCH Grill before? What are your thought? Did you stay at Paradise Pier? Or do what we did and walk from Disneyland? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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