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Lamplight Lounge – Lunch review

Lamplight Lounge is located in Disney California Adventure, inside Pixar Pier and it is perfect for any Pixar fan, like me!

Pixar Pier is pretty incredible and one of my favourite parts of Disney California Adventure. I had read about Lamplight Lounge before I had even decided to book our trip. It opened June 2018 as part of the Pixar Pier overhaul. The restaurant offers brunch, lunch and dinner aswell as offering a large bar with an even larger cocktail menu.

Before booking this trip to Disneyland, I knew I had to book this place, if only took look inside. Disneyland offer reservations at 60 days rather than Walt Disney Worlds 180 days. I booked the 13.20 reservation, however we weren’t seated until 13.35. We were not told there was a wait.

The restaurant is located down a spiral staircase, above this staircase is a lighting fixture, similar to the one in the entrance to Walt Disney World’s Art of Animation, with the concept art photos dangling. There are also framed concept art pictures in the area where you check in too.

We were escorted downstairs, oh my gosh I loved it. Pixar quotes on the walls, balloons from Up leading you to the bathroom and a wall of Luxo balls all before you even enter the seating area.

In the seating area the walls are flooded with concept art, memorabilia and different references from each film. The only thing I struggled with was there was so much to look at but because of the seating arrangements if you look for to long you are basically starring over people eating.

There is an indoor lounge area, a bar to sit at and tables and chairs outside which would offer a perfect view of World of Colour, Disney California Adventure’s night time show.

The menu offered a large choice of drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic. Food choices included burgers and sushi. I chose the crab and tuna roll, this needed to come with some sort of health warning because they were flipping hot. Sam had to finish them. Sam had the beef asada roll, another sushi choice. We both had the salmon PLT, a recommendation we found online, grilled salmon, pancetta, lettuce and tomato. Whoever came up with this burger needs a raise! The flavours were insane, this also came with a portion of chips. We opted to not have a dessert and head overdo Bing Bong’s Sweet Shop after.

We also had 3 people serve us throughout our meal, I found this odd but put it down to breaks and shift endings. There was also a slight lack of attention. I did have to call over a server for additional drinks and such.

Lamplight Lounge can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like, I would not say this was a ‘special meal’ location but it is a wonderful experience, we spent over $120 here but could have easily only spend $50. I encourage people to dine here to see the decor and try the salmon PLT.

My favourite part of this whole location was a shelf, hidden away near the bar which had soft plushes of Pixar characters sat on it. One regret is that I did not look around enough at the detail, but like I said this is hard to do when people are sat eating. I would not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Lamplight Lounge is nearly a 10/10. Points are taken off for the waiting to be seated. I do not mind waiting aslong as I am told.

Have you dined at Lamplight Lounge? Are you a Pixar fan? Did you enjoy it more because you like Pixar? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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