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Story Book Dining at Artist Point dinner review

Story Book Dining at Artist Point, previously known as Artist Point, is a Snow White themed character dining restaurant located at Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World.

Reservations are recommended to ensure you have access to this new and fantastic dining location. Story Book Dining offers dinner from 5pm until 10pm, the starters and desserts are preset but you can pick your entree all for $55 per person, this character dining is a steal.

The restaurant reopened December 2018, again another location we missed by just a few months during our September 2018 trip. During its closure, the restaurant has had a new forest theme introduced with light up trees, which occasionally change colour depending on which character is being announced to the dining hall or during the characters parade, it is extremely enchanting stepping inside. Honestly, I felt this whole experience was magical.

The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs revamp to the restaurant has brought a bag of fun and excitement to the once fairly unfrequented establishment. Snow White, Grumpy and Dopey will visit you whilst you dine and also dance around the dining hall to Whistle Whilst You Work. You may only visit the Evil Queen by invitation and this is towards the end of your meal, she is of course menacing and intimidating, extremely well played. She is also the only character during the meal that had her own photo pass photographer. We had to take photos on our phones with Snow White, Grumpy and Dopey. The difference between the two dwarfs personalities was great, Dopey was silly, playing around with my Donal Duck bag and getting close to my camera. Whilst Grumpy, seemed like he didn’t want to be there, he was stamping his feet and getting us to ‘hurry up’, Sam played along really well, Grumpy loved it.

Our server was an absolute delight, he was theatrical and well placed in the storytelling themed of the restaurant.

As I said previously this is a pre fix menu, the starters we preselected, they consisted of a trio of mushroom soup with a marshmallow lollipop, wicked shrimp cocktail and a hunter’s terrine. The mushroom soup was sweet and delicious, the shrimp cocktail was underwhelming, a little salad with 2 king prawns, I could not taste the miso dressing and finally the hunter’s terrine came with crackers, preserve and little pickles, the accompaniments tasted better than the actual terrine.

You are able to chose from the main menu, we were concerned that as it was a pre fix menu the portions would be small. We did not need to worry about this. I chose ‘a stroll through nature’, a gnocchi dish with asparagus, leeks and cheese, this for me was out of this word, even writing about it now I remember the flavours and the taste. Sam had the ‘magic mirror slow braised pork shank’, this was huge!!! Of course he enjoyed it and polished it off.

There was also a trio of desserts as part of the pre fix menu,  with an added bonus treat! Miners treasure is a Dopey designed layered cake desserts, this looked stunning, but the flavours were poor. Poison apple was another beautifully decorated dessert, an apple shaped mousse with a sour centre and this was a delight. Fairytale gooseberry pie was a miniature pie with a gooseberry filling and a soft meringue top, this came in a perfect mouthful size, it was sweet and tart at the same time. I would have preferred three of these. The bonus treat, The Hunters Gift to the Queen, a wooden chest with dry ice is opened in front of you and it contains maple glazed popcorn and a chocolate ganache heart.

Overall this experience was incredible, the atmosphere, the quality of the food and the character interaction were great. If you go to Walt Disney World, I suggest booking this dinner reservation. Yes Wilderness Lodge is a little out of the way but it is easily accessible by bus and boat. For me this would warrant a 10/10 score.

Have you dined at Storybook Dining at Artist Pointe? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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