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Sebastian’s Bistro Dinner Review

Sebastian’s Bistro is a new restaurant that replaced Shutters in 2018 at the Caribbean Beach Resort, Walt Disney World.

I had wanted to dine here since the restaurant was announced, it sounded so fresh and new, we missed the opening by a few months in 2018. So I was so happy when we got a reservation this trip.

We headed from Pop Century on the Skyliner to Caribbean Beach Resort. The new Skyliner system is so convenient.

The restaurant is located closely to the main building.

Sebastian’s, when it first opened, offered a lunch an dinner service, however after a few months of opening the lunch option was removed (I am guessing to to slow trade), and it now only opens for dinner from 6pm daily.

I am not going to lie, I did not have a good experience here, Sam on the other hand, said it it was his favourite location we dined at on this trip.

We were sat 10 minutes earlier than our 6.30pm reservations, the restaurant was plain and simple inside I really liked, the minimal colours and the Little Mermaid paintings on the wall, they gave it a slight beach feel. We were sat in a dark corner with minimal light where the rest of the dining area looked perfectly lit. It was to a point where I had struggled to read the menu.

For my starter I chose the Caribbean pull apart rolls, the restaurants signature item, warm rolls with a guava butter, jerk oil and onion jam. I thoroughly enjoyed these and would suggest if you did eat here, to have these.

I then chose the Caribbean vegetable curry for a main, it looked lovely, however the first plate came out cold, so I did return it, I don’t usually like to complain especially in Disney but I want to enjoy the food I am paying for so yes, I did sent it back. When the server returned with the second plate, the bottom of the dish was drenched with liquid, I don’t know if it was water or liquid from the curry sauce but it had made the rice soggy. Honestly it was awful. I didn’t eat it.

Sam had the jerk chicken wings for a starter, which he described as really spicy and as an entree, taste of the Caribbean, which was a selection of five items of which you choose three. He picked the jerk chicken, goat curry and slow cooked pork. One of his favourite things to eat is a goat curry, hence why he said it was his favourite location for food this trip.

Due to my lack of enjoyment over the food, we opted to not eat dessert here and head over to EPCOT to the Germany Pavilion’s Karamel Kuche instead. I found the whole dining experience completely underwhelming.

I did hype myself up due to how much I was looking forward to dining here. I cannot give this more than 4/10 and that is down to how much I enjoyed my starter. The restaurant is extremely out of the way unless staying at Caribbean Beach or on a Skyliner Resort. I would however not discourage people from eating here, I just hope you have a better dining experience than I did, I do believe if I ate here again my experience would be different.

The options we ate totalled around $60. A moderate price for 2 drinks 2 starters and 2 entrees.

Have. you dined at Sebastian’s Bistro before? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments

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