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California Grill – Brunch Review

California Grill is located on the 15th floor of the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World. Brunch is offered once a week on a Sunday 10am- 1pm.

Due to the limited availability of the brunch sittings each week, the reservations do get booked up quickly. I have tried to book this on my previous two trips, unsuccessfully. However I was on the ball this time, and like an ADR ninja at the 180 day plus 10 day mark, I was there and bagged a 10.10am reservation.

Check in is located on level 2 and once checked in you head up to the 15th floor in an elevator, once inside the restaurant you are greeted by a host who will hand you a mimosa or non-alcoholic drink. There is a big selection of chilled wine, heading around the side of the bar you notice the incredible views and I mean incredible views of Magic Kingdom, Grand Floridian, Polynesian Resort and Seven Seas Lagoon. You can also see the ECPOT ball and Tower of Terror in the distance. We followed our server to our table with a mimosa in hand, (these are unlimited for your meal duration) my mouth wide open at the views. There was a cellist and a violinist playing a collection of Disney and Christmas songs. It was simply stunning. A point to note is that if you dine at California Grill at anytime of day you are welcome back that day to view the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the terrace, simply keep your receipt and bring it back with you.

The brunch set up is a mix of unlimited drinks, including hot drinks, juices and cocktails, a buffet, an entree from a menu and dessert.

Our server was very attentive, at no point were our glasses of drinks empty and as soon as our plates were empty they were gone. If we needed anything he was there.

We had a beautiful table set up as an early birthday celebration for me. The main menu included items such as sweet pancakes and steak and eggs. The buffet was great, a selection of pastries, crackers and cheeses, eggs, meats and salads, sushi, bagels and toast.

I enjoyed many plates of sushi, for my entree I chose a coconut and pineapple stuffed French toast, which was utterly amazing! I love pineapple, it is one of my favourite fruits and the flavours combined with the coconut and the texture of the French toast was sublime.

In the cracker and cheese section there were a selection of chutneys I kept going back for the onion chutney and truffle jam, spreading lots on some rosemary crackers.

For me this signature dining is experience is worth the $105 per person price tag. If you love mimosas or bloody Marys they are unlimited and you could easily get your moneys worth from these alone.

I feel there is nothing remotely comparable to this experience elsewhere on Walt Disney World property the experience in itself, the quality of food, the quality of service this is certainly not to be missed. Maybe if you want to justify the price tag you could go for a birthday or anniversary celebration. The whole meal was so relaxing, you could easily forget you were in a Disney park. Overall this would be a 10/10 experience.

Have you dined at the California Grill before? What were your thoughts? Did you head back for the fireworks in the evening? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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