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Tokyo Disney Resort overview part 1

We visited Tokyo Disney Resort for 8 days in September 2019. This was our first visit to this resort.

This review will be split in to separate parts.

We arrived in to Haneda Airport at 12.25pm to the International terminal. We used the free transport to take us to the domestic terminal, here they offer more frequent coaches to Tokyo Disney Resort. Our ticket cost less that £8/$11 and took around 20 minutes to arrive at Mihama Station.

We arrived to the resort before 3pm check in, we dropped our bag at the Welcome Center and collected our Vacation Package, from the Ticket Center. Both located in Ikspiari. These are two separate buildings contrary to what is said online. From here we walked to the Resort Line and took the monorail to the Tokyo DisneySea station, where our hotel, Mira Costa is.

We had booked to stay at Mira Costa for 2 nights and 3 days with the Vacation Package, well worth the extra. We opted for the package with 7 fast passes and 2 shows.

Tokyo DisneySea was the first park we visited, we had show tickets for Big Band Beat and  wanted to be close to the theatre to make to show at 3.20pm.

The first time entering Tokyo DisneySea was the most surreal feeling, extremely overwhelmed as to where we were. In a court yard, there is a large globe water feature, similar to those at Universal Studios. All around the entrance of the park is the Mira Costa hotel, it does not look like a hotel, it looks like Venetian streets and buildings.

Mount Prometheus (under construction during our visit), greets you as you walk through and under the park entrance. Sam and I walked round Mediterranean Harbour, with our mouths wide open, we could not believe we were finally here. It is extremely hard to believe you are in a theme park whilst in DisneySea.

Our first stop was at a merchandise shop, I needed, yes needed, a pair of Duffy ears, this is the only park in the world you can buy them.

Big Band Beat is a Jazz show featuring Disney characters and a Jazz band. The cast sing songs and there is a lot of tap dance. The whole show is in English. Guests queue from the moment the park opens, up to 3 hours for the first showing. Reading such great reviews about it before our arrival we were quite excited to watch it. I was a little underwhelmed if I am honest. We have seen a version of Big Band Beat in Disneyland Paris during our 2018 visit, I must say that version was better.

After the show, we walked back to the Mira Costa, there is an entrance inside the park to the hotel, which is so convenient. Check is was easy and we were shown to our room. After a freshen up and a look around the room, we headed back to DisneySea for some more exploring.

Walking round DisneySea, as I said before is a surreal and overwhelming experience, not overwhelming in a bad way, not at all, but more overwhelmed with emotions. Having never been there before and knowing there was no other Disney park like I knew the feelings and emotions I would feel there and then would be a one time only experience so needed to savour every moment.

We stopped off at Mermaid Lagoon, which is cute themed land to The Little Mermaid. There are rides, such and Jumping Jellyfish and Flounders Flying Fish Coaster, King Triton’s Theatre homes a Little Mermaid themed show. We didn’t watch this until later in the trip. We both had a snack at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen, I had a scallop croquette sandwich, shaped like a seashell.

We used one of our free fast passes for Soaring (with a ‘g’), a brand new ride that opened in July 2019. The ride had been consistently over 4 hours that day we arrived. It is a copy of the other Soarin’ rides around the other Disney parks, except with two new extra scenes. The theming is like no other, with Camellia Falco, a S.E.A. member, you board her flying machine to travel around the world with her. Stunning.

After our long day of travelling and exploring we headed to Mama Biscotti’s Bakery to grab some green alien mochi and went back to our room to talk about our day.

We woke up early on our second day in Tokyo Disney, we had early breakfast reservations at Oceana, a buffet breakfast located in Mira Costa. This was included as part of our vacation package. We planned an early breakfast at 6.30am, as we wanted to take part in Happy 15, a perk for onsite guests, getting 15 minutes early access to the park before regular day guests. We were heading to Tokyo Disneyland and boarded the Resort Line.

There is a separate entrance for onsite guests, the locals and regular guests know how to take advantage of the Happy 15 early entry.

Walking it to Tokyo Disneyland, was another great experience, seeing all our favourite Youtuber’s videos and finally seeing the World Bazaar and the way the exit to the Bazaar frames Cinderella’s Castle is stunning. Cinderella’s Castle is the same as the castle in Walt Disney World. It had some construction walls around the stage which eventually came down in the later part of our trip. There is a lovely walk through within the castle too.

The first thing on our agenda was to ride Pooh’s Honey Hunt, people say this is one of the best rides in any Disney park. (I don’t think these people have been on Shanghai Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean or Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor). Pooh’s Honey Hunt is a trackless ride, very similar to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in other parks but BETTER. After this we grabbed a fast pass for Monsters Inc Hide and Go Seek and headed to Toon Town. Toon Town is a carbon copy of Disneyland’s Toon Town, we rode Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. This was so fun!

In the gift shop next door to the Roger Rabbit attraction I picked up a ‘first visit’ button for £3/$4.50.

We carried on walking around the park and headed back to Fantasyland, where we located the Queen of Heart’s Banquet Hall, knowing we wanted to eat lunch here later we had a quick peek inside.

Spending our morning snacking until we ate lunch we tried, a pumpkin ice cream and a maple pumpkin churro. These Halloween themed treats were only available for the Halloween season.

We watched One Man’s Dream II, which is due to close December 2019, I thoroughly enjoyed this, much better than Big Band Beat the day before. This theatre is outside so it did get hot inside, during summer months I would opt for the last showing, as it would be a little cooler. This version of the show focuses on the characters Walt created coming to life and lots of dancing and singing.

I was desperate to see the Dreaming Up parade during our visit, I have seen videos but really needed to see it in person, however, the heat reached nearly 40oc everyday of our stay and each day it was cancelled due to the temperature being to high for the cast members to be out. A great way to beat the Tokyo Disney heat was to jump on Small World, as it was always a 5 minute wait or less and the air con inside was lush!

We rode on the Western River Railroad, which takes you around, Westernland, Critter Country and Adventureland. I do love a train ride around Disney.

Dinner was at Crystal Palace, whilst we were eating Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade came on. This is similar but far more superior to the version in Hong Kong Disneyland. I really enjoyed it. I just wish I had a closer view. I had a really delicious pumpkin pie here.

This day was great day for discovering and experiencing new things. Riding new attractions and trying new food.

To be continued….

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