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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel – Cinderella Suite

The Cinderella Suites are located in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel on the Club Level floor.

After being allowed to view the Frozen Suite, I cheekily asked if we could look around the Cinderella Suite, which at the time was less that 2 weeks old.

As soon as you enter the Suite, you are greeted with a carriage sofa, oh my gosh my jaw hit the floor! There is silhouette of Cindy and Prince Charming dancing on the wall next to the carriage, a photo wall (the castmember called it a Royal Chamber) that looks like a window with the two dancing on a bridge at the ball. Next to this is, a plush pillow on a stand with a glass slipper placed on top. Yes a glass slipper.

The bedroom was my favourite room in this suite, the beds and chandelier was gorgeous. The decorative ceiling. Lush.

The bathroom had the little mice hidden in the room, Jaques, Gus Gus, Pearla and Suzie were all there.

The room rates can run from £700-£1100 per night depending on the whether it is low or peak season.

This was by far my favourite of the the two Suites we toured.

Would you stay in the Cinderella Suite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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