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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel – Frozen Suite

The Frozen Suite’s are located inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel on the Club level floor.

I had requested a tour of the room when we booked our Kingdom Club room last year. We had the request accepted and were notified a week before hand.

The room ranges from £700-£1100 a night depending on low-peak season.

Here are a few photos of the room, I was completely taken aback by how beautiful this room was.

As soon as you enter you are greeted by a sleigh couch, a play area with toys from Frozen.

In the main bedroom are two bed with grand headboards.

The bathroom was my favourite of the room, the wallpaper with silhouettes of the Frozen characters on and big portraits of the Princesses.

Overall, the theming and imagination that has gone in to this room was unbelievable. I would have loved to have stayed here.

All items such as plushes, toys, books etc are available to purchase in the parks.

What are your thoughts on the Frozen Suite? Let me know in the comments below.

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