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Hong Kong Disneyland overview 2019

In September 2019, we visited Hong Kong Disneyland for the second time. Our visit was short however it was one of my favourite Disney trips I have ever taken.

As I said this was our second time visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, you can read a trip report from our first visit here.

We stayed at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, in a Kingdom Club room, for one night. Here is a guide to how we booked the room.

We arrived early morning of September 10th to be greeted with the parks 14th anniversary and the first day of Halloween, of which neither were planned, just a coincidence.

I don’t want to go in to to much detail of the hotel and the room as there will be a separate post coming for this. I will say, we were treated like royalty from the moment we walked in to the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel to the moment we walked out. Staying Kingdom Club was something neither Sam nor I have done before. We were escorted to the 7th floor, the Club only floor, to a separate check in. Our room was not ready this was fine as we were going to head to the park just a little after it had opened at 10am. I had requested before our arrival for a tour of the new Frozen Suite which was accepted and since that request they had also introduced a Cinderella Suite which I had cheekily asked there and then for a look around too. Again this request was accepted I was over the moon. Both rooms were stunning, I walked in to both and my jaw hit the ground. I couldn’t quite get over the decor, theming and details.

Upon checking in we were given an 14th anniversary button. A lovely touch. We got changed and headed to the parks. All three Hong Kong Disney official hotels offer and free shuttle service to the park, I recommend not using it and walking. Depending on your hotel it can take from 5-15 minutes. On both days we opted to walk.

As part of our Kingdom Club room package, we each got fastpasses and priority seating to Mickey and the Wondrous Book show. We opted to see the show on the second day. The fastpasses you will come to learn we did not even need. We booked this trip over a year ago and in the time leading up to our visit, there were heavy protests in Hong Kong, which led to a 40% drop in tourism.

Walking in to the park, through our special hotel designated entrance, we were welcomed with what can only be described as the most quiet and least crowded park I have ever been to in my life, think Walt Disney World After Hours or Early Morning Magic, BUT EVEN QUIETER. Pretty much all rides were posted at 5 minutes but were infact a walk on. The lines to meet and greet characters were around 15 minutes, this was unheard of. Especially since it was the first day of Halloween celebrations and all the characters were dressed up in their finest spooky costumes. The only exception to the short lines, was the Mickey and Minnie meeting and greet, which we were advised would be around an hour wait.

Main Street was decked out with some great Halloween decorations, as you enter, the same as Disneyland there is a big Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkin, which is a great photo op.

We headed straight to Ant Man and the Wasp Nano Battle expecting large waits for an attraction that was only a few months old. Nope, walk on! We walked slowly down the queue looking at all of the hidden touches placed there, when we stepped in to the ride vehicle we were battling against each other to win the most points by zapping all the bots. We took in none of the story or what was happening around us. So we rode it again, this time taking in the detail. We knew before we got on the attraction that it linked in with the Iron Man Experience and Iron Man meet and greet, but it was really good how it all comes together especially for a huge Marvel fan like Sam.

We had a quick lunch stop at the Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland, I had a bento box and some pork dumplings.

I only had a couple of things I wanted to do when I came to here, I wanted to meet Duffy (obviously) in his Halloween outfit, buy some Cookie merchandise and watch Mickey and the Wondrous Book. I did all of these things. Everything else was a bonus. We didn’t plan to eat at specific places like we do in other Disney parks, this was just such a short trip we weren’t relying on a schedule.

I had to find our way to  the Frozen construction wall, Frozen Land is coming to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2022. The castle construction is further along that when we were last there and is expected to finish Spring 2020.

In the Festival Gardens there were a rotation of baddie characters, such as Hades, Frollo and Cruella and then Winnie the Pooh characters in their Halloween costumes. Were met Piglet dressed up as a pumpkin, so cute. The cast members also gave out candy (little marshmallows, we suspected these due to the lack of meltability in the 36oc heat). You could also make a trick or treat bag. We chose to not do this.

Hong Kong Disneyland even had its own version of a Haunted House and I bloody hated it!!! In the newly built Halloween Town, located near Tinkerbelle’s Fairy Garden. You can meet, Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie, but also visit a Haunted House, I had not read anything about this, Sam played dumb saying he hadn’t either. I don’t remember much of it (I think I blocked the trauma out), other than castmembers dressed up and jumping out on you. I hated it and wanted to get out! Sam just laughed at me the whole way round. At the end of the house outside is a great Nightmare Before Christmas photo op.

Within the The Lion King Theatre, the show has been replaced with a new Villainous show, featuring musical numbers, from Gaston, Cruella, Mother Gothel and Dr Facilier. The show was great and really enjoyable, however the first ten minutes were unnecessary, just give us the singing and the dancing. This was also the first day of the show and it started late.

We also watched the first showings of the new parade Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party and Jack Skellington’s Villainous Gathering. Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party was a little confusing because people we lined up through the parade route, however the floats stopped down Main Street for over 5 minutes and the characters and castmembers taught the guests a dance to do along with the music. The parade did continue to the end of the route but I would recommend a spot on Main Street for the best views. I loved Jack Skellington’s Villainous Gathering, Sam said it was just OK. Jack invited friends such as Evil Queen, Maleficent, Radcliffe and Jafar on stage and they danced to punk rock versions of Disney songs. I thought it was great. As it was the first night all guests were behind the press and media.

On our second day we got up early and ate breakfast in our Club Lounge, Mickey waffles, yes please. On this day the new Arendelle Aqua merchandise was set to hit all of the official Disney parks, so I wanted to get to the park early to pick up the Minnie Mouse ears. I know how quickly new colours and designs of ears can sell out in Walt Disney World, however, here, I think the only other people I saw wearing them were the cast members. Oh well means I managed to get some for myself.

Merchandise in Hong Kong Disney is pretty strong, more so that Tokyo which was a bit of a shock. There was plenty of 14th anniversary merchandise, lots of Duffy and friends merchandise and vast selection of Tshirts. I had to refrain myself as I wanted Cookie everything!!

On the second day we ate lunch at the Explorer’s Club Restaurant, themed to Henry Mystic, a S.E.A. member. We also ate plenty of sweet snacks and had a buffet dinner at the Enchanted Garden in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. We have eaten breakfast here and found the selection to be great. So booked dinner before we had to leave for our flight home (sad).

One of the last things we did in the park was watch Moana, A Homecoming Celebration. An our door stage show telling the story of Moana. We missed this last year by a number of days. I was gutted, so we opted for the last showing as it wouldn’t be so hot outside and we got a really good seat. I wish there was more singing but other than that it was enjoyable.

As I said at the beginning of this post, this was one of my favourite trips, the quietness of the parks, seeing the castle construction, being in the park during it’s anniversary and being there for the first day of Halloween is not something I will forget in a hurry.

Have you visiting Hong Kong during Halloween? What did you think of the new parade and shows? Have you ever had the pleasure of a near empty park? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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