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Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall review

The Queen of Hearts Banquet Halls, is an Alice in Wonderland themed quick service restaurant located in Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland.

I am a big Alice in Wonderland fan and after seeing plenty of good reviews and photos of this quick service location I knew I had to eat here. Designed to the Queen of Hearts Castle, this is one of the most popular dining locations inside Tokyo Disneyland park.

On our first visiting to the Disneyland park, we walked right in and got a good look inside the restaurant, walking  past the playing card guards and through the door knobs mouth, you enter a HUGE and I mean huge, dining area. There are big flowers and hedges, like in the Golden Afternoon scene from the film. Stain glass windows with characters from Alice in Wonderland are in all the windows. It was amazing.

Walking through the dining area to the order stations, there is a big switchback queue, (they know how busy this location can be, I did not). The order, pick up area and pay stations are themed well with a big checkered floor and plenty of heart shaped kitchen items hanging from the ceiling. All cold items sit on an ice bed ready to be taken and all hot orders are made infront of you similar to a cafeteria.

One good thing about most of the dining locations in Tokyo Disney Resort is that all the menu offerings are shown to you before you order in a glass case. Now these I believe are made from wax and a good way to help you decide what to pick.

I opted for the Caesar salad, I wasn’t too hungry before arriving here, despite the 20 minute wait to order and sit. So along with my salad Sam and I decided to try the Unbirthday Cake, this location’s signature offering. The cake is large and plenty of other guests were choosing this item too.

From what I can remember the Caesar salad was inoffensive and a decent size. The cake on the other hand was a delight, lots of vanilla frosting and light fluffy cake with peaches inside. It is big enough for around 4 people, but we ate it between the both of us without a struggle and around £10/$13 it is a steal.

If you do decide to eat here when you visit Tokyo Disneyland, (which I really think you should), I would recommend to eat at off peak times, so not lunchtime and not dinner time. Waits can get long, however there is certainly not any shortage of space to sit.

I have never dined in a location themed like this, there is nothing quite like this on any other Disney property.

Have you eaten at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall? What are your thoughts? Would you want to eat here? Let me know your thought in the comments.


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