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Tangled Tree Tavern review

Tangled Tree Tavern is a beautiful quick service dining restaurant located in Shanghai Disneyland’s Fantasyland.

Themed to Tangled’s very own Snuggly Duckling, this is a must for any Rapunzel fan. The menu includes, Western and Asian style meals.

The day we ate here was very wet, there is minimal inside seating, however this is plenty of outside seating undercover so we sat outside.

I opted for the sweet and sour vegetable and rice dish, this was not on the main menu. I found this a lot during our 2 trips to Shanghai Disneyland, the menus shown outside are not the full menus. If you can’t see anything you like on the menu board outside, do not worry there are more options. Just pop inside and you will find a bigger menu offering.

My sweet and sour veg dish was a generous portion and very filling, it was topped with Mickey shaped carrots. I love the attention to detail in the Asian parks. I feel more time and effort goes in to presentation and detail of food. We had both been practicing at home with our chop sticks but now for the real test, our first time this trip using chop sticks. It was sucessful. I promise!!

I enjoyed my meal and it was completely inexpensive at £6/$8. Half an hour later we had finished our food and we went back inside to look at the theming of the interior.

The inside is very Viking themed, with helmets and lots of wood. My favourite touch. to the restaurant was infact not inside, but outside as you exit. Disney is great and I love it, this is one of the reasons why, on the ground where hundred if not thousands of people walk over everyday, there are horseshoe imprints and within the imprint of the horseshoe is the name Maximus. (Maximus, for those who do not know is the is Captain of the Guards horse in Tangled). I think people walk over this without even realising but I let out a little squee. It is just a constant reminded as to why I love Disney and Disney detail. Tiny little things that make me smile.

Have you eaten at Tangled Tree Tavern? What are your thoughts? Would you eat here on a trip to Shanghai Disneyland? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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