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Magellan’s dinner review

Magellan’s is located in Tokyo DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbour, it is a table service restaurant with an extremely relaxing atmosphere.

The restaurant is named after Magellan the explorer and is themed after the Age of Exploration. This is a meeting place of the S.E.A. (Society of Explorers and Adventurers), S.E.A. Explorers are a ficticious organisation located around various Disney parks, but this was the original location of their back story.

There is a secret Dining room in this restaurant that can only be access by pulling a book from a fake bookcase, the door slides open, to reveal a wine cellar. I believe this is where the S.E.A. members would meet.

Anyway, I digress completely, we booked our reservation here 60 days out as recommended by the Tokyo Disney Resort website. We had priority booking with our vacation package.

The entrance to the restaurant in the Fortress Explorations and looks a little hidden when the main doors are not open.

When we entered the restaurant, we entered upstairs (there is a bar here) and had to walk down a grand staircase to get to the main dining hall. A huge rotating globe welcomes you. There are other rooms spiking off from the main dining room. We were sat in the main dining room just under the globe. I must say I spent most my time, where I should have been looking at the menu, sat there with my mouth wide open looking at the decor, hidden Easter eggs, pictures and artefacts. I am such a fan of the S.E.A. story that if I could I would still be sat there.

When ordering from the menu, there are set menus to pick from, that include and starter, main and dessert. Before we arrived here, we knew this was a fine dining restaurant and we had been prepared to pay around £200/£300 for our meal, which is fine as this is what we pay for fine dining in Walt Disney World. However, my meal equated to around £41 and Sam’s around £66 and that included a cup and saucer in his Soaring set meal.

As the is considered fine dining the restaurant is very quiet, it was calm and you could forget you were in one of the busiest theme parks in the world for a while.

I chose the tomato and balsamic scallops, cheese salad, seared prawns and mango and pineapple dessert. At this point I am ashamed to say, I did not take a picture of my menu choices and I ate half of my salad before I took a photo. I can tell you the scallops were cooked to perfection and the dessert, although something I would never choose as I am usually a chocolatey dessert person, the mango mousse with the addition of the pineapple was unexpectedly refreshing. There was a small scoop of raspberry sorbet under the wafer that was delicious. So tart.

Sam chose the pre set Soaring set menu that was around for a limited time inline with the opening of the Soaring Fantastic Flight attraction, this included a four course dinner and teas or coffee.

Please keep in mind that the portions here are not huge. I did not leave hungry but I did feel like I could have eaten a little more. I did find out after dining here, the bread service was free and unlimited.

This restaurant will certainly be on my top 10 dining locations on Disney property, however I do not think it would be in my top 5.

Have you dined at Magellan’s before? Did you walk up or make a reservation? Or is this on your bucket list of Disney places to eat? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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