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Restaurant Sakura dinner review

Restaurant Sakura is a table service restaurant in American Waterfront at Tokyo DisneySea. Surprisingly, this is one of only two in park restaurants that are Japanese inspired.

The sister restaurant, Restaurant Hokusai is located in Disneyland’s World Bazaar. Both menus are extremely similar. We opted for Restaurant Sakura over Restaurant Hokusai due to the located and views. Restaurant Sakura is themed to an old fish market on the waterfront, it was beautiful.

We knew before we arrived in Tokyo Disney Resort we wanted to eat here. We attempted to eat lunch one day, but a 50 minute wait outside in 34oc heat did not seem appealing at all. So we went back for dinner a few hours later and there was no wait.

We were sat in a room just off of the main dining area, it was nice and quiet.

Although there were only a few items on the menu, the choices were great, you could have with either udon noodles or rice.

I opted for assorted tempura and rice, I am a huge fan of tempura and I was a huge fan of this tempura, it tasted so fresh it was unreal. Along with the rice it also came with miso soup and a savoury custard. The only way I can describe this is, as a really smooth set omelette, there was also mushrooms in the bottom, it was not an offensive side dish however it is not something I would pick again in a hurry. The rest of the meal was wonderful.

Sam chose the chicken tatsuta-age and rice, he enjoyed this meal with a side of soy braised pork.

We both enjoyed what we had, however the portions were on the small side for us, after a busy day in the park and lots of walking we were definitely hungry. So we picked a dessert each. I had the kinako creme brûlée, I did have to Google what a kinako was and after a quick search I learnt it was roasted soy bean flour. I have never had a creme brûlée before, but looking at it I would expect it to be smooth in texture, this creme brûlée was quite grainy. It was nice and really enjoyed it. Sam had the matcha cake with mascarpone cream. He said it just tasted like any other matcha cake/ green tea cake he had had before.

It was a nice experience here, it was calm and quiet, the cast members were attentive and I also felt like I was not in a Disney Park. I would certainly come back and eat here again but will be aware we might need to order a couple more side dishes.

The two of us ate for around £42.

Have you eaten at Restaurant Sakura or Restaurant Hokusai? What are your thoughts? Is this somewhere you would enjoy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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