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Shanghai Disneyland Hotel review

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is one of two Disney official hotels located in Shanghai Disneyland.On our last trip to Shanghai Disneyland we stayed at the Toy Story Hotel, this year we decided to try the other official Disney hotel.

We opted for a standard garden view room that had a 25% off promotion. The room was approx £189 per night, we stayed 3 nights. Extremely affordable for the deluxe resort.

Upon entering the hotel, you are greeted by a spectacular lobby, with a huge statue of the fab 5, Mickey is conducting the rest of the team in a mini orchestra, big lighting structures and a grand view of the gardens and park from a huge window. There are plentiful cast members around to help with check in, check out or concierge.

Having stayed at the Toy Story Hotel before we were used to the process of checking in at this resort. However this process was longer than last time. A castmember will take a copy of your visa from you passport and explain the early entry and complimentary shuttle buses. One of the perks of staying onsite is that you get early entry to the park and are dropped off at a side entrance, so you avoid the crowds at the main gates. The park is located around a 15 minute walk away, but please, do not walk. Use the free shuttle or the boat. Buses are frequent in the mornings and the boat runs every 20 minutes from Disneyland Hotel to the other side of Wishing Star Lake.

Upon entering the room, I was over the moon at how gorgeous it was. The first thing I noticed was how much space there was, the room was a great size. The beds were beautiful and our headboards lit up with pixie dust and fireworks at the push of a button. The bathroom was so grand, I had never seen anything like it, (until our stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel). There were complimentary slippers, robes and a gift bag, there was also bathroom products and teas and coffees. The view from our room was as booked, a lovely garden view. The beds were comfortable. My only issue (it is minor), was due to the size of our plug adapters and the Chinese outlets, 2 could not fit in next to each other on the bedside table. There were only 2 other outlets in the room.

A point to note is that all rooms start with the number 5, so our room number 56017, (I think), was on floor 6. Not floor 5.

Another point to note is the Wifi in the room and hotel grounds is terrible. Terrible. We had rented a pocket Wifi unit for out Japan portion of our trip, I wish I has used it here too.

We had read online that other families had had issues with noise and hearing people in other rooms, we stayed three nights and never found this to be the case.

The hotel has a bar, Bacchus Lounge, which we did not use. The bar is attached to a cafe, Ballet Cafe, we had a meal and cake here one night. It was extremely relaxed and sold great looking cakes.

Luimere’s Kitchen is a breakfast and dinner character dining experience, we ate at the dinner buffet, and by far, it was the most incredible buffet I have ever eaten in my life. The selection and quality of food was amazing and whether you stay at the Disneyland Hotel or not, this experience is worth leaving the park to eat at.

Aurora’s is a signature dining experience, the restaurant is located on the 7th floor of the hotel with views of the park and castle, perfect for firework viewing. We were going to eat here but the menu selection was not to my taste and we did not believe the price was worthy of the selection or portion sizes.

There is also a small gift shop that sells selected merchandise from the parks.

There is a gym and The Little Mermaid inspired pool area. We didn’t use the pool, however when we visited it on two occasions there were no guests using the facilities.

If you have time I also recommend a walk around the grounds, it is lovely and quiet. There are plenty of things to see and investigate.

Have you stayed at the Shanghai Disneyland hotel before? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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