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Disneyland Paris MasterCard perks

Well who knew, (because I certainly didn’t), that as a MasterCard credit card holder I was entitled to certain perks at Disneyland Paris.

Perks included, reserved seating at certain shows, depending on the day and park. This can be for the MasterCard credit card holder and up to four guests. Whist you still have to queue in the regular queue with everyone else, once entering the theatre you are able to sit in the reserved seating areas, which are pretty decent seats. Reservations are for the first and last showings of your selected show only and reservation tickets can only be obtained on the day at City Hall and Studio Services.

The Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands filled up fast, City Hall and Studio Services open at 8am. We arrived at City Hall at 8.10am and all the reservations for that day were gone. So the next day we arrived at 7.55am and were the first in line, because I ran, (well ‘Ami ran’) and the first to receive the reservations for the early show that day.

Other perks include:

VIP tour

Any MasterCard holder who purchases a 5-hour (consecutive) VIP tour with his or her MasterCard will receive a sixth hour for free. To check availability or make a reservation, visit City Hall or Studio Services on the same day as you wish to complete the tour.

Guided Tour

When a Guided Tour is purchased with a MasterCard, the holder and up to four additional guests will receive direct access to the attraction of their choice (subject to availability) and seat reservations for one show (chosen from a list available daily to MasterCard holders). Guided Tours are not private.

Currently there are not any limitations to the country of issue or banks included in the MasterCard card, however this could change.

Have you taken advantage of the MasterCard perk? Or is this brand new information? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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