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Dear Baby Dumbo

Dumbo flew in the the theatres 29th March 2019, we were sat in late screening surrounded by people all of ages to watch the new movie.

With a big bag of popcorn in my hands I sat down, a little anxious to watch this movie. Not anxious that it would be good or bad, but anxious in the sense that I was worried about how sad it would be, what would go wrong and how much I would cry.

Being greeted in the first scene with Casey Jr, and the Casey Jr music made me smile from ear to ear. I leaned over to Sam and almost shouted ‘Casey, he’s coming down the track’. This was possibly one of my favourite moments in the whole film. When Dumbo was introduced, I fell in love with him instantly, his smile, his eyes, I love him. The bond and love shown between Mrs Jumbo and Dear Baby Jumbo (Dumbo) was another strong point of the film, when they were together you could feel the love, when they were separated and longing for each other you could feel their pain. I also fell in love and totally believed the children’s connection with Dumbo. The storyline on the other hand was not great. I feel Dumbo was not at the forefront of the story, he almost took a backseat. The CGI was average. I would not rate the film anymore than a 6/10.

It is another case of Disney remaking a classic movie and not getting it right. The live action movies that have been made, in my opinion are sub parr to the originals.

Due to the release of Dumbo there is merchandise and food items around the Disney Parks on the East and West Coast.

Dumbo sugar cookies, popcorn caramel apples and peanut butter cupcakes available and Big Top Souvenirs.

Magicband 2.0 Limited edition at 2000. ($34.99)

Casey Jr popcorn bucket with detachable and working whistle ($17) and Dumbo sipper cup ($18) available at popcorn stations around Disney World and Disneyland.

There is also a Dumbo Pandora charm available at all stores in and outside that parks.

Have you seen Dumbo yet? What are you thoughts? Have you tried any of the new treats in the parks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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