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We are off on our first Disney Cruise!

We have done it, we have taken the plunge and booked our first Disney cruise.

I say ‘we are off’, we will be off in around 500 days. We sail next year on the Disney Magic, 7 night Norwegian Fjord Cruise. This cruise has one sailing this year and one sailing next year.

Stops next year include,

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Nordfjordeid, Norway
  • Alesund, Norway
  • Stavanger, Norway

Norway has always been on Sam’s bucket list of places to visit, so to combine this with our love for Disney seemed like a perfect choice.

Prices for cruises are always available to platinum, gold and silver cruise members first, then general sales are released. We placed our 20% deposit on the day prices were released to the non cruise members. With any Disney holiday or cruise, prices rise as the spaces fill. So it is crucial to book as soon as possible, even a week after I booked our trip, the same style room as the one I booked has gone up in price by £400.

The ship has four categories of rooms to stay in, inside, Oceanview, verandah and concierge.

I think the Disney cruise prices are expensive however, if you can afford for your family to stay in Walt Disney World for two weeks. You should be ok with these prices.

Having never been on a cruise before, I had to cram in as much research as I could, before booking. This included, which room to stay in and where onboard. There was not a chance I would have entertained the idea of an inside room. I struggle with motion sickness and I think I would have felt cramped and unsure of what was going on around me. So started looking at the oceanview rooms, these were on the lower decks (either deck 1 or 2), I read that on any ship or boat the higher the better. So the only option, would have been a verandah stateroom that was on deck 6,7, or 8. We decided to go for the middle deck that was central to the adult areas of the boat and close to the escalators.

I look forward to doing more Disney cruise research and finding fun excursions around Amsterdam and Norway. I also love the idea of visiting the country that inspired the Disney hit, Frozen.

What are your thoughts on Disney cruises? Is a Disney cruise on your bucket list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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