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Disneyland Paris announces Annual Pass price increase

It has been announced today that of April 2nd 2019, all Disneyland Paris Annual Pass prices will increase.

Disneyland Paris has announced an increase in pricing for their annual passes beginning April 2nd, 2019, for the Discovery, Magic Flex Pass, Magic Plus Pass and the Infinity Pass.

Here is a list of the current prices,

Discovery Pass: €9/month or €149
Magic Flex Pass: €15/month or €219
Magic Plus Pass: €19/month or €259
Infinity Pass: €32/month or €399
*In addition to a one-time payment of €55

Here is a list of the new pricing structure,

Discovery Pass: €179
Magic Flex Pass: €259
Magic Plus Pass: €299
Infinity Pass: €449

What are your thoughts on the upcoming price increases? Let me know in the comments.

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