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Booking Hotel Mira Costa Toyko Disney Resort

Our upcoming trip to, Shanghai Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland is less than 6 months away.

Our flights are all booked, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is booked and yesterday out 6 month window to book an official Tokyo Disney Resort hotel opened.

If you are just wanting to book one of the official Disney hotels, Mira Costa, Disneyland Hotel, Ambassador or Celebration, as a room only reservation, the window opens 5 months before your trip. For packages, the window is 6 months and over the phone reservations are 4 months before your travel date.

There a few points to note, when rooms become availiable, popular rooms (such as character rooms and Harbour view rooms at Mira Costa), will sell out almost immediately, within two or three minutes from what I have seen. They become availiable at 11am in Toyko, which is 2am GMT. Also, the website is down for maintenance more than it is up and running. It has scheduled maintenance daily but also crashes when there is to much traffic. To even price a stay is a headache. So I thoroughly recommend that if you are going to book a hotel stay at a Disney hotel in Tokyo that you have plenty of time and patience.

The website is not like any of the other Disney park websites, Tokyo Disney is not owned by the Disney company, the park has been licensed out since the late 80’s.

For hotel stays click reservations/tickets in the top right hand side of the webpage.

As we booked a package, we selected vacation package, but here you can book room only reservations and tickets etc.

Click by date/by price.

And simply pop in your desired dates, guests and the number of nights for your package. Either 1 or 2. Yes. 1 or 2. For a longer package stay more that one reservation is needed.

There are 4 types of plans included as part of the package. The top package, experience attraction and entertainment 3 day plan, to us is the by far the best. 7 fast passes and 2 shows guarenteed. All packages are priced per person.

After you pick your package, pick your hotel and room.

When you have chosen your room and with this particular package, you need to chose which show you will see on day one and day two. Then breakfast on day two and three.

Here is what we chose.

Once you have chosen, that is when the price will show. It is in Japanese Yen, we use XE to convert all our currency exchanges. The difference between XE exchange rate and when the money left our account was around £50.

The time between starting this booking process to now was around ten minutes.

On the official Tokyo Disney website, they state only credit cards are accepted, plenty of people who books outside of Japan encounter issues (a simple Google search will show you), we didn’t have the option to use a credit card, so gave a debit card a go. It worked. On the third attempt. This took an additional 10 minutes to complete.

Remember when I said you needed time and patience to book through this website?

The confirmation email came almost immediately.

Whilst the process is a headache and extremely frustrating, I think the most exciting part of it all is knowing our trip is 6 months away!

Have you used or tried to use the Tokyo Disney Resort website? What are your thoughts.

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