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The Little Mermaid Room – Art of Animation review

This is our second time of staying on property. We had originally booked at another location but looking at prices between AoA and AllStars, it was $200 more for The Little Mermaid AoA room. So we thought, why not?

Disney’s Art of Animation opened in 2012. It is a mixture of value rooms and family suites. It is home of the largest quick service food court of all the on property resort locations. It also has the largest on property pool. (swim under the water in the Big Blue Pool for a Nemo surprise).

The resort is split in to 4 themed areas, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Cars and The Lion King. The Little Mermaid rooms are set in the back of the resort, The other three areas are set towards the front/ middle of the resort.

The Little Mermaid section of the resort is a delight, giant characters, dingle hoppers and snarflaffers are dotted around the area of the resort.

The Little Mermaid rooms seem to never be included in any discounts of free dining offers which put them as the most expensive value resorts. Rates can vary from $100-$140 a night.

I read reviews before our arrival about how far The Little Mermaid blocks are from the main hall, guests had complained about a 10 minute walk, longer with kids in tow. I thought they must be kidding. I timed 2 of our walks and they were around the 7-8 minute mark, from our room to the main building. I don’t feel it is a massive negative, however I can see how some families with young children would.

The rooms are pretty basic, two beds, a table, tv etc.  I could have done without the carpet, I would prefer a laminated floor similar to the new renovation rooms at POP and Movies. But I did love the theming in the rooms, everywhere you look you felt like you were under the sea with Ariel. If you love The Little Mermaid then you will love this room. Our room was facing the pool, at no point did I find the noise from outside woke me up in the morning or kept me from sleeping at night.

The bathroom, was a little dark due to the dark design inside. H20 bathroom products are provided. A true Disney fans favourite.

We did have a problem with the room where I had to email the Manager in order to get the problem fixed, they replied almost immediately and rectified the issue and credited our room with $100 apology, that we could spend how we liked.

Overall for the price of the room, what you pay is what you get, but it is on property so you do get all the added amenities Disney offer. I would stay here again if I was on a budget.

Have you stayed at AoA, The Little Mermaid rooms? What are your thoughts? What did you make of the walk to the main building? Let me know in the comments.

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