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Keeping cool in Walt Disney World

Florida is exceptionally hot around 80% of the year. During the summer months the temperature can reach up to 35oc (95 fahrenheit) and up to 100% humidity.

The best time to visit Walt Disney World, for cooler weather would be November through February. It is by no means cold during this time. The temperatures can still reach up to 25oc (78 fahrenheit) and drop to around 12oc (53 fahrenheit), but for people who are not used to the heat, this could be the perfect time to visit.

I have visited Disney during many different months, I love May and September for the EPCOT festivals and Halloween celebrations, however both are hot, sticky and humid. I suggest you weigh up the pros and cons to why you want your trip when you do, because heat will play a massive factor as to whether you enjoy your trip or not.

If you still feel the summer months are a perfect time for you to visit. I have created a list of tips and tricks to keep cool during your trip.

  • Air con hopping – What ever you want to call it, this is my top tip to beat the heat. Go shopping, visit merchandise locations, grab some lunch, ride an indoor attraction. Get inside and stand in the air con and cool down.
  • Mickey fans – The bottom canister can be filled with water and spritzed through the fan blades. Super cooling.

  • Cooling towels – Disney have created their own range of cooling towels. You wet the material with cold water, ring it out and pat your skin. Disney’s own version costs $25 plus tax, however if this is to steep for you Walmart/ Target and other grocery stores have there own cheaper versions for around $10.

  • Stay hydrated – Each counter service location offers free ice water to all guests. You could save $100’s on your trip by using this tip. A bottle of water can range from $4-$4.50 within Disney property.
  • Take a dip in the pool – Taking a break from the parks during the hot periods of the day is not uncommon among Walt Disney World guests. Going back to your resort pool when it is hot is a great way to keep cool.
  • Eat a frozen treat – A Mickey ice cream bar, ice cream sundae, slushy, shaved ice…..the list is endless.

  • Pace yourself – Guests can walk anywhere between 6-10 miles a day whilst on Disney property. Don’t rush around, pace yourself and take your time.
  • Misting stations – Each park has a misting station to keep you cool. Simply walk through/ past them and get a refresh spray of cold mist.
  • Pack light weight clothes and comfortable footwear – There is nothing worse than heading out to Disney on a hot day and not being dressed appropriately. This could certainly ruin your day. Ensure light weight clothes are worn and sensible shoes.

Don’t let the heat ruin your trip. Be prepared.

Do you have any tips or tricks to beat the heat? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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