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World of Dreams Tour being offered at Walt Disney World

A new VIP tour called ‘World of Dreams’ is being offered at Walt Disney World. The tour costs $12,000 for up to six guests and is 12 hours long. Two tour guides will conduct each tour.

I’m sure you’re asking what could possibly be included on a tour so expensive. Well, the answer is pretty much whatever you want, for the most part. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Backstage access and transportation
  • Front of the line attraction access
  • A tour of the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite
  • Exclusive nighttime spectacular viewing spaces
  • All meals included (3 a day, with select alcohol)
  • Access to any restaurant at Walt Disney World (no normal reservations needed)
  • and many more possibilities based on guest request

If you do the tour for one day at $12,000, each additional day is *only* $10,000. The ‘World of Dreams’ tour is available to book now, but requires booking a week in advance to set up all of the more special opportunities.

This is hot off the press news and unfortunately this is all the information Disney have currently released. I find it outrageous that Disney think these prices are in anyway are acceptable to charge guests.

When are you planning to take this tour? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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