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My favourite Walt Disney World stage shows

There are plenty of shows to watch in Walt Disney World, I love a show, shows that have fireworks and lasers, shows that you can sing along to or shows with birds that fly above your head!

In this post rather than talking about EVERY show within Walt Disney World, I will list my one favourite stage show within each of the four parks.

If you are a first time visitor do no under estimate the length of some of the shows, for example Muppet Vision 3D is around 11 minutes long but the Finding Nemo stage show runs over 46 minutes. So I am advising guests to plan show visits ahead of time.

Magic Kingdom – Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire – The outfits and costumes of the characters change seasonally but the show will remain the same. Located infront of the castle and performances are shown around 4 to 5 times a day, this show is certainly one for all the family. Mickey and Minnie invite friends from far and wide to join them in this singing and dancing faire. Whether you are a fan of princesses or pirates this show has it all. Running time approx 22 minutes.

Animal Kingdom – The Festival of The Lion King – This was not a hard choice (it is probably my overall favourite Walt Disney World show). This production of the 90’s classic film is pretty amazing, we will see it atleast 2 times on any given trip, there is plenty of crowd participation, singing, dancing, gymnastics, aerobics and even a fire eater! All the songs are brought together by 4 of Simba’s friends getting ready to celebrate The Festival of The Lion King. If you stay behind after the show lets out sometimes the performers will allow you to take your photo with them. If you only watch one show on your trip see this. Approx running time 30 minutes.

Hollywood Studios – Voyage of The Little Mermaid – This was probably the hardest choice for me, it was a toss up of this or The Beauty and The Beast stage show. The Beauty and The Beast show is beautiful, I sing along, I cry. Every time. This film was always a massive part of my childhood. However, the Voyage of The Little Mermaid, is something completely different to anything I have seen in Disney, so it is certainly the best out of the two, it is live singers, puppets, screens and animatronics, trust me when I say this show is underrated, it is hardly ever full, Ariel always has an incredible voice, there are bubbles and lasers that make you feel you are going under water. It is an incredible experience. Go, go now. Running time approx 16 minutes.

EPCOT – China Pavilion performers – Jewelled Dragons – This was another hard choice, each country hosts so many different shows throughout the year due to the different Festivals it is hard to pick a consistant/ constant one. However, the performers in The China Pavilion are breathtaking, have you ever someone perform gymnastics, dance, circus arts and defy the impossible? No? These performers do just that, using balance to blow the mind, they perform up to 6 times a day. Approx running time 22 minutes.

Honourary mention – Philharmagic – Now this is totally cheating, totally, totally cheating, I hope that you will forgive me by the end of the post. While not a conventional ‘stage show’, there is a stage, with curtains and a screen behind it. I love Philharmagic, the mixture of 3D scenes, sing-along elements (well I sing along) and scents pumped in to the theatre makes the over all experience one to watch. I would recommend this to anyone, young or old. Donald is the star of the show in this.

What are you favourite Walt Disney World stage shows? Do you agree with my choices? Is there something I have missed? Let me know in the comments.

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