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New details released for The Lion King and Jungle Festival

Disneyland Paris announced the Festival last year with very minimal details attached, however some ‘Roarsome’ news has now be revealed for this event.

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands

The original announcement of the new stage show, ‘The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands’ was back in April 2018.

Images released so far suggest something similar to The Lion King show on Broadway and the West End. With live tribal singers, dancers and acrobats, giving a greater level of authenticity and reality to the show. Perhaps a reflection of the of the new live The Lion King set to release later this year?

King of the Swingers

King of the Swingers is a new swinging musical show featuring King Louie, Baloo, Mickey, and his crew as they explore ‘four fantastic, never-before seen worlds’ in a mysterious land.

Disney haven’t given us much to go on here, although there seems to be some form of plot involved and a few songs thrown in for good measure. I’m thinking along the lines of Mickey and the Magician for this show. 

Rumors suggest the show will take the place in the Jedi Training Academy in the Videopolis theatre in Discoveryland, but this has not been confirmed.

Djembe Joy Village

Think of the street performers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Disney World and you’ll get an idea of how this show will be. This is the vibe Disneyland Paris is going for with their newest street performers, the Hakuna Matamtam band and traditional African drumming Djembe Academy. This combination of interactive live music, dancing, and characters will get you in the jungle mood.

Timon’s MataDance

Taking inspiration from the Frontierland Hoedown, this jungle festival is getting its own dance! Choreographed by Timon and narrated by Pumba, stomping cast members will be leading the MataDance, as guests monkey around Adventureland.

Character Meets and Illuminations

Included in the Festival listings but not entirely new to Disneyland is the Lion King segment in Illuminations and character meet-and-greets across the park. 

This sounds like a not to miss festival. What are your thoughts. Let me know in the comments.

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