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My favourite Disney World snacks/treats

Snacking in Disney, is a vital….a crucial part….maybe even the main priority of any Walt Disney World trip!I love snacks, I love treats, I love cake, I love chocolate, I love caramel, I love popcorn, I love sweets/candy, I just love it all OK! And while I have actually written some reviews on my favourite snacks around the parks, in this post I will compile a list of my favourite treats, just because!

First of all my favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE snack to buy when I go to Disney is a dole whip. My first day on any trip to Walt Disney World consists of a trip to Magic Kingdom, to Aloha Isle to purchase a dole whip. Well a dole whip float. Fresh pineapple juice topped with pineapple soft serve. Sounds super basic but it is so good. I love pineapple and it is a must buy on any trip to Magic Kingdom.

Mickey cookies, Mickey cookies are huge, Sam and I usually share one between us. They are a guest favourite and a hack from some guests is to buy two cookies and a scoop of ice cream and make a GIANT Mickey cookie ice cream sandwich. Only for the brave.

Mickey pretzel, (I sense a theme of Mickey shaped food items coming up), a great savoury treat if you have binged on to much sugar. The pretzel tastes even better when you dip it in warm plastic cheese.

Mickey waffles, I will eat Mickey waffles numerous times on a Disney trip, while they are hit and miss with quality across the parks, you can eat as many as you like at a breakfast buffet. I could eat plenty covered in syrup for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Popcorn, simple, yes. However in Walt Disney World popcorn comes in some incredible flavours, chocolate, caramel, cinnamon, cookies and cream, cheddar cheese, the list goes on. I love the seasonal flavours such as gingerbread or pumpkin spice.

Midnight Blossom, from Pongu Pongu in Pandora. A slushy drink that is out of this world.

Pineapple lumpia, also from Pongu Pongu, a cream cheese and pineapple (I told you I like pineapple) spring roll. It is a fried sweet treat and possibly my favourite new snack Disney have released. Tip : take napkins, plenty of napkins.

The grey stuff! I will take it in a tart, on a cupcake or even in a little white chocolate Chip cup. It is essentially a cookies and cream mousse, do not confuse it it with other cookies and cream flavoured things in the parks, it is not the same recipe. The grey stuff version is only available at the Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom.

All of these items are currently offered all year round. During events in Epcot or parties in Magic Kingdom, Disney offer special/seasonal treats for a limited time. I like that certain items come and go, it is a great way to draw people back in to the parks to try different things.

What are your favourite snacks or treats in the park? Do you have any ‘snack hacks’ such as the giant Mickey cookie sandwich? Let me know in the comments.

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