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Most common Walt Disney World mistakes made by first timers

I was a Disney first timer….once.

Planning your first Disney trip can be extremely overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here, in this post I will list the top Disney mistakes made by myself and other first timers.

  1. Not researching – not researching anything, such and resorts locations, parks, pricing, fast passes, restaurants, weather and events. The list is endless. I would recommend to do extensive research before you even book a Disney trip.
  2. Not using the My Disney Experience – MDE is fantastic (when it works), here you can book dining, fastpasses and you can see waiting times for attractions. This app is fantastic, it also has interactive games to be played in the queues of attractions.
  3. Booking the deluxe dining plan – first timers will not need the deluxe dining plan (TRUST ME), with the amount of food that needs eating to get your moneys worth, you will not have time to spend in the parks.
  4. EMH, Rope drop, don’t stop – It is exhausting to have a filled week and going to parks from rope drop to evening fireworks everyday. I recommend not attending all the EMH available and I also do not recommend doing open to close on every day your trip. You will become tired and burnt out. Allow yourself a lay in or relaxation day.
  5. Attending during holidays – Ensure you do not (unless there is no possible way around it) visit during, New Years, MLK weekend, Spring Break, Memorial weekend, Labour Day, Thanks Giving, Christmas and marathon weekends, cheerleading events and summer months. Unless you love crowds.
  6. Not planning ‘extras’ – Although they cost a little extra, not splurging on an ‘extra’ could be a big mistake. Dessert parties, after hours events, early morning magic events. Special events I feel make a trip special, the crowds are low and alot can be achieved. I have separate reports on this.
  7. Not following crowd calendars – These can tell you the crowd levels each day at each park.
  8. Attempting Flight of Passage without a fastpass – Fastpasses for this attraction can get snatched up quickly so even if you don’t bag one at your 60/30 day mark, do not dispair. There are plenty of on the day cancellations, I have managed 3 on the day fastpassses in one day before.
  9. Not using the official Disney site or reputable travel agent. I do not want anyone ripped off for their Disney trip.
  10. Not having memory maker – Yes it cost a little extra $199 to be precise, (unless it is included in your Annual Pass/ UK resident ticket), but the memories can be made from the photos are too good to pass by.
  11. Thinking you can do EVERYTHING, trust me you can’t. Just take the time to enjoy your holiday and do what is important to you.

What are you thoughts for first time guests? What mistakes have you made/avoided? Let me know in the comments.

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