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Quiet places for some down time in Walt Disney World

I know what it is like, being in a crowded park and just wanting some down time. Whether it be you or your children need quick time out…….

Here are a few suggestions in each park to save going back to your resort in order to have a few quiet minutes.

Magic Kingdom,

  • The second floor of the Columbia Harbor House, located in Liberty Square, this hidden spot is 9/10 the perfect place to be to relax and take the weight off your feet. Not many people know this quick service location even has a second floor, it is almost often unused.
  • The People Mover, ride above Tomorrowland in this slow moving train ride is perfect for a nice breeze and a few quiet minutes.
  • Tom Sawyer Island, in Frontierland is located on a separate island and because of this not many people will venture over to there.


  • The benches outside of the American Pavilion and inside the American Pavilion, both under used and so calm and relaxing. The benches outside the Pavilion are one of our favourite places to stop in EPCOT and take a little rest.
  • The gardens in England, when the British Invasion are not playing of course.
  • China pavilion, it has amazing air conditioning and a Disney Shanghai exhibition that I believe is under appreciated and underviewed.

Hollywood Studios

  • Muppet Courtyard, always quiet, always.
  • Backlot Express, this counter service location is so out of the way people often assume it is closed, grab a table at the back.

Animal Kingdom

  • Rafiki’s Island, although now only opening seasonally, this is the quietest place in Animal Kingdom as it is a train ride away in a completely separate part of the park.
  • Gorilla Falls and Maharaja Jungle Trek, both walking tours that showcase animals from around the world. Maharaja Jungle Trek is my favourite place to be in Animal Kingdom.

Where are your favourite quiet places in Walt Disney World? Let me know in the comments.

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