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Toy Story Land review

Toy Story Land opened in June 2018. We had the pleasure of visiting in September 2018. Gone are the days of Hollywood Studios being a ‘half day park’. Toy Story Land is fantastically themed and has been well received by all.

I was very sceptical with the announcement and opening of Toy Story Land, I have visited the other versions in Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai, I am not going to lie. They are all a frigging mess. Shanghai was probably the best of a bad much due to the counter service location within it, but other than that I could easily skip them all.

Toy Story Land in Walt Disney World, is fantastic. It is fun, well themed and a great addition to Hollywood Studios. In the land you are shrunk down the the size of a toy in Andy’s back yard. Whilst it is well themed there are sights of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge above the trees, I am hoping there are more trees planted to give a fully immersive experience in both lands.

Rope drop – Our rope drop experience was pure luck, we arrived at Hollywood Studios about 2 minutes before the park opened and there was a huge crowd formed already, we walked quickly up to the front and straight in to the land with the first few people, I think it helps us that we know where we are, where we are going and can easily find each other if we get separated so we just fought the crowd to enter the land. The plan was to get inline for Slinky Dog Dash, we made it there  with a 10 minute wait. Since opening the wait can top 100 minutes, we rode after rope drop and had our fast passes for later on that day.

Slinky Dog Dash – The Slinky Dog Dash queue is well designed, with hidden Mickey’s to look out for. The coasters carriages are designed like Slinky Dog and are super cute. Whilst it is a family coaster similar to Seven Dwarves Mine Train, it think it it better themed and the added ‘show’, Wheezy singing You’ve Got a Friend in Me at the end is fantastic. Mr Spell, spells out a farewell message. It is my favourite part of the experience. The ride was also longer that I expected it to be.

Alien Swirling Saucer – This is probably one of my biggest Disney surprises, I thought this attraction would be very disappointing, a pointless and boring ride even, but I was SO wrong. When Sam and I boarded our ‘rocket’ to some fun Toy Story themed music, we were set for a world of fun. The attraction lasts around 1.5 minutes and we laughed so hard the whole time, the attraction spins and twists and turns, the aliens laugh and scream weeeeee along with you. Honestly it was probably the best fun I had had in ages. A massive highlight of the trip for me.

Toy Story Mania – whilst this is a not a new ride, you will be pleased to hear that the wait times are only around 30 minutes during the middle of the day, due to the high demand for Slinky Dog Dash. The entrance to the attraction is round the back of where Pixar Place used to be. There is now a third track which reduces the wait time too.

Woody, Jessie and Buzz meet and greets – Buzz meets by himself by Slinky Dog Dash and Woody and Jessie meet outside Midway Mania, the queues for both of these are easily 1 hour wait at time. There is also no shade.

Woody’s Lunchbox – Possibly the greatest counter service restaurant on property. We ate breakfast and lunch here and I reviewed both.

Early Morning Magic – Early Morning Magic allowed a limited number of guests to visit Toy Story Land for 1 hour and 45 minutes before the park opens, both attractions are a walk on and breakfast is included. Tickets cost $79 and the event is currently offered twice a week.

Overall, this land is great, what you see is what you get, it is fun and you can spend a couple of hours here taking everything in, riding the attractions, meeting the characters and eating at Woody’s Lunchbox. I would definitely say it is not one to miss. With this addition Hollywood Studio’s is not a park to miss nor is it a ‘half day park’ as others suggest. The opening of this land changed the dynamic and footfall in the park.

The crowds here were large each time we visited as it was new. However I think the crowd levels for Pandora and Toy Story Land will never prepare us for the crowds that will come here for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Have you visited Toy Story Land? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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