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The Edison review

The Edison is located in Disney Springs, it had it opening pushed back 3 times over the course of 2017. It finally had it’s soft opening New Years Eve of 2017.

The restaurant is pretty well themed. The ‘industrial gothic’/ early 20’s atmosphere is pretty apparent. The restaurant opens for a full lunch and dinner service along with a late night cocktail bar, however by 10pm the bottom dining room floor is transformed to dance floor, complete with a stage for a live band. After 10pm is for guests 21 and up. There are also some additional highlights to the evening which include burlesque dancers, aerialists and roaming stilt walkers.

Since 2016 when the construction for The Edison had started I wanted to visit, it even had an initial opening date of Fall 2017 so was excited to go on our next trip. But as I previously said, the opening date was changed a few times.

We had fiiiiiinally got evening reservations on our September 2018 trip. We were seated by the bar, the table layout was very cramped and dark. As the evening went on the tables in our area were removed as guests left to make way for the dance floor. We were treated to a live jazz band as we ate.

The whole menu looked incredible, I am going to apologise now for the terrible photos, this was due to the poor lighting.

For starters Sam had the clothesline candied bacon, to me $15 for four slices of bacon is outrageous and it only tasted ok. This whole starter is for show, in the way it is presented which is why when we were sat we must have seen around 50 leaving the kitchen.

I had a mac and cheese side for my starter that came in a sauce pan. It was huge, I couldn’t finish it all as I was worried I would ruin my main. It was not bad mac and cheese however I have had better.

For main I had salmon, I’m not going to lie, it was incredible. It was so fresh, it seemed like the fish was caught right before it was served to me. The tomatoes and avocado were a great accompaniment. Sam had the meat loaf, it was well presented and he enjoyed it.

I had little room for dessert, so I shared one with Sam and we had a peach and apricot crumble. SO GOOD! They also sell cheesecake trees and freak shakes.

Overall I really enjoyed the food, you could tell it was new and well received as to how busy it was. The only disappointing thing for me was the cramped and dark space we in.

Have you had a chance to eat at The Edison? What are your thoughts? Would you only attend in the evening when it is specifically for adults? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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