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I have some exciting news…!

I know I have been extremely quiet recently, but there is good reason.

I have recently written to the press teams in Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World as asked to become part of the press team, meaning I would have access to ‘Disney breaking news’ stories 24 hours before the public, I could also be invited to media events and tours within the parks.

While there are no openings in Walt Disney World (although I can put my name on the long waiting list), I have been successful in my application and registration to become part of the press team at Disneyland Paris. They are more than happy with my blog and content I write on the parks to allow free park days and hotel stays over the year as long as I write about my experiences etc.

The emails have been back and forth for the past week but I am extremely excited about this opportunity.

I will of course keep you all posted on any updates I have for this.


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