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Travelling to Disneyland Paris from the UK

I have been to Disneyland Paris two times before this trip this week, my mum, brother and I visited in 2008, then again with them, my boyfriend and neice in 2017.

Infact, as I start to write this,  I am sitting on our 5.40am Eurostar train to Paris. We had £29 one way Eurostar tickets for this trip. Quite often Eurostar run this promotion, I have seen it 3 times this year. Sam sneakily paid for this trip without my knowledge in July, after I had said about the promotion. ‘No, we can’t afford it’ he said when I mentioned it. Cheeky bugger.

The £29 one way tickets are for specific days and times, but you can just work your Disneyland Paris schedule around it. If you were to book the Eurostar as part of a package with Disneyland Paris, prices start from around £150-£200 per person. The return journey cost Sam £116 for us both.

Our Eurostar took us from St Pancreas International to Gard de Nord. At our stop at Gard de Nord, we purchased a train ticket each costing €7.60, we used these tickets to take from Gard de Nord to Challes de Halles and from here to Disneyland Paris (Marne-la-Vallee-Chessy).  Whilst this might sound complicated at no point did we feel lost, the approaching trains were announced over the speaker system and on signs above the approaching trains, the stations were lit up. So it was clear to see where the trains were going.

On the other 2 occasions I have travelled to Disneyland Paris, I have taken the Eurostar directly from St Pancreas International to Disneyland Paris. This is definitely the most easiest option to take, however, there is only one direct train to and from Disneyland Paris a day and these trains only run 3 days a week unless it is during the school holidays where it runs up to 6 days of the week.

Many airlines depart from airports within the UK to Paris hourly. I found prices starting at £49 return per person. The flights take around an hour. Again extremely affordable. The main airport is Paris is Charles De Gaulle Airport, from here you can take a bus costing around €23, a taxi costing €76 or a train costing €17. All methods take between 30/50 minutes to your final destination.

As you can see, there are many ways to travel to and from Disneyland Paris, from the moment we boarded our train at St Pancreas International to stepping foot inside the Disneyland Paris property was around 4.5 hours.

How have you travelled to Disneyland Paris? Have you used money saving ways to travel or the time saving way by travelling directly? Let me know your thoughts on travelling to Disneyland Paris in the comments.

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