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My favourite dark rides in Disneyland Paris

As I mentioned in my Walt Disney World dark ride post, dark rides are my favourite type of ride. They have the ability to transport you anywhere and immerse you in to their world.

There are only a handful of dark rides in Disneyland Paris, there are versions in Paris that I prefer over the Florida versions too.

Some of these attractions were a first for me, when we visited February 2017 during low season quite a few of the attractions were closed due to maintenance and refurbishment, so I was excited to ride them. Here are my top 5 dark rides within the Disneyland Paris park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

5. It’s A Small World – This might sound a like a strange attraction for someone to have on their “top 5 list, as most people despise the repetition of all versions of Small World. However on our recent trip, Small World had had an overhaul which included a holiday overlay. In each country instead of singing “It’s a small world’ the characters sing their own versions of Christmas songs, such as Jingle Bells and Santa Clause is Coming to Town. It is extremely enjoyable and not one to miss.

4.  Peter Pan’s Flight – Is it possible for every version of Peter Pan to be better that Florida’s? Because that is the case, this attraction is all in French, but it does not matter, we all know the story, right? The animatronics are better than Florida’s. On board your ‘flying ship’ you fly out of the Darlings bedroom window with Peter and the children across Neverland and fly over pirate ships. It is still a 60-90 minute wait in Paris, get a fast pass. Do not wait inline.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean – This was incredible. easily 9/10. Maybe 10/10. A huge part of that is the queue, it is possibly one of my favourite queues on any ride on any Disney property I have visited. The detail and immersion you encounter before you even board the attraction can not be ignored. The scenes are similar to Disneyland and Disney World, however during this version, you are pulled up a huge hill within your boat and there are two smaller drops. There is so much more detail compared to Disney World.

2.  Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast – I LOVE THIS!!!! The queue is boring, the ride is amazing. The laser gun comes out of the holder so you can move around and shoot the interactive targets with more ease, the sensors are not super sensitive and I always seem to do well and get points (which is why I probably like it so much). This attraction does have a fast pass, but if you go straight here during Extra Magic Time you won’t need one. We did this three times in a row during Extra Magic Time. It is completely different to Disney World (so don’t skip it) but identical to Disneyland.

1.Ratatouille, L’Adventure Totalement Toquée de Remy (Ratatouille The Adventure) –  I am so excited for this to be coming to Disney World. This is definitely in my top 5 attractions across all Disney properties I have visited. On this trackless ride, you will board your rat-mobile and scurry along the roof tops of Paris to get to Remy’s kitchen. This 3D and uses scenes and screens. The exit of the ride comes out to Bistro Chez Remy so you can see in the restaurant. It’s a fantastic ride. It can easily top a 120 minute wait daily and fast passes go within a couple of hours. The single rider line is always the best option unless you have a fast pass. We probably rode this around 10 times on our latest trip.

Honourable mention. Phantom Manor, although I have never actually been on this ride, I know for a fact it would make it on to this list. The counter versions in Florida (Haunted Mansion) and Hong Kong (Mystic Manor) are my favourite attractions in those parks.

What are your favourite dark rides in Disneyland Paris? Do you find the Paris versions better than the Disney World versions? Have you encountered low season in Disneyland Paris where attractions are closed? Let me know you thoughts in the comments.

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