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Disneyland’s MagicPass

Well done Disneyland Paris, you have upped your game, it’s is so much better than when we visited last year.

While it is by no means perfect, Disneyland Paris have done a decent job on upgrading their system.

When we visited February 2017, we had paper tickets, paper vouchers for our meal plan and a separate plastic card for hotel room access.

On March 12th 2018, Disneyland trialed their MagicPass in hotel New York, it was then rolled out to all hotels by the end of the summer 2018. The pass is a multifunctional contactless card that can be used across the hotels and parks within Disneyland Paris.

The MagicPass holds the following information on the RFID card (the same technology is used within the Walt Disney World Magic Bands).

  • Park tickets
  • Room key
  • Special event tickets (such as Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show)
  • Meal plan credits
  • In park purchases can be charged to the card, with a 4 digit pin, if a credit card is loaded on to your account at check in.
  • Entry in to the parks during Extra Magic Time

The card made each process easy to do/use.

What are your thoughts on MagicPass? Have you used the new RFID card? Or have you not visited since the card came in to effect? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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