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Agrabah Cafe lunch review

Agrabah Cafe is buffet lunch located in Adventureland in the Disneyland Park in Paris.

What used to be a building of indoor marketplace, similar to the streets of Agrabah, called the Adventureland Bazaar, now homes a Mediterranean style buffet. I must say the theming  is spectacular! Have you ever been to EPCOT’s Morocco? it is exactly like that. I felt transported to another country, another place that was not Disneyland. I even commented to Sam and said that I didn’t feel like I was in Disney.

A grand entrance welcomes you, with carpets and draping hanging from the ceiling, there is still a feel of the old market place with some shoe stalls, a mint tea stall built in to the walls and pots hanging. The whole restaurant makes you feel like you are still outside.

We were seated in a room a little way from the buffet, the building is still like a maze due to the nature of previous market stalls that lived there. We did not qualify for the premium meal plan here as we only had four credits for our trip and these had been used on the previous four days, so we payed out of pocket. It cost around €68 for the two of us.

The buffet for me was a little underwhelming, Sam loved it and I am sure everyone else would too. However I do not eat much meat nor am I ambitious with my flavours. I found myself eating salad and cous cous, fish and tabbouleh, the items I had were definitely goos. Sam loved the different styles of meats, kebabs and baklava desserts.

There was one dessert that did not contain nuts, a ginger and chocolate chip cake, it was a little dry but I got the ginger flavours. Sam devoured plates of baklava, prune and pecan cake.

While the immersion and theming of the restaurant is incredible, the price to pay out of pocket for what I could actually eat was not worth it for me. On the other hand for Sam it was. I would probably visit again but use a meal credit to pay instead of paying out of pocket.

What are your thoughts? Have you eaten at the Agrabah Cafe before? Did you visit the location while it was the indoor market place? Is paying out of pocket worth it? Let me know in the comments.

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