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Inventions lunch review

Inventions is a character lunch and dinner located on the second floor of the Disneyland hotel.

The restaurant is located next to the California Grill and Fantasia Cafe. As we stood inline to check in, 8 characters left to take a break.

As with many character dining locations across Disney property, ‘bulk’ reservations are taken to help the cycle and rotation of characters, so for our 1pm reservation there were about 10 families infront of us.

We were seated within a couple of minutes, our premium dining plan entitled us to a drink and the buffet.

The interior is charming, there are different rooms filled with sketched and old style inventions, such as telephones, cameras and carriages hanging from the walls and ceilings The restaurant is large but there is also an over flow section in to the California Grill that can be used if needed. They are also clearly in the process of hanging decorations for Christmas, I say in the process because not all rooms were decorated.

As soon as we sat down Donald was there to greet us. Donald is Sam’s favourite along with Scrooge. The buffet is located in a separate hall, there is a huuuuuuuge selection of foods, including, cold meats and cheeses, salads, pasta, fresh fruit, carvery meats, spaghetti and meatballs, fish, olives and antipasti, oysters, welks, quail eggs and a lot of desserts! We were spoilt for choice.

Here is a selection of the food.

The dessert selections.

Along with being spoilt for choice with the food, so many characters were at this location. The majority of Walt Disney World dining locations have around 4 or 5 characters to meet. We saw 9 here. Incredible. That alone is worth the buffet charge!

Overall this was a fantastic expierience. The food and character expierences put this dining location on par with 1900 Park Fare. I would 100% recommend here and eat here again.

What are your thoughts? Have you visited Inventions before? Do more characters make for a better expierence? Let me know in the comments.

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