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California Grill – Disneyland Paris review

California Grill is located in the Disneyland hotel in Paris.

Located on the second floor, California Grill sits next to Inventions and Fantasia cafe. We had a drink in Fantasia cafe before our 8pm reservations, a coke and a pineapple juice cost €14!!!

The California Grill is considered one of the most expensive restaurants on the Disneyland property, along with Walt’s located in the Disneyland park. When I opened the menu, it was not hard to see why it had this reputation, a pea and mint soup starter cost €27. Luckily as part of our meal plan we were entitled to the three course premium plan, a drink, starter, main and dessert off the menu. Anything additional ordered would have to be paid for out of pocket.

I had the roasted beetroot to start, it was THE best things I have had in any restaurant, ever, in my life! Ok! The goats cheese was so good and the beetroot wrapped around was the pefect thickness and flavour that it balanced the cheese out perfectly, the presentation was also amazing. The flowers on top were edible, though I chose to not eat them.

For mains I chose the cod, this was a little underwhelming. Although the flavours were good, the fish was a little under for my taste. The portion size was just right for a three course meal.

We both had the chocolate sphere for dessert. This looked and tasted really good. It came with a thyme and lime sauce, which was also really good, just not with chocolate. Sam ate my green tea cake, I found it al little dry compared to other green tea cakes I have eaten before. The chocolate sphere was filled with a milk and a white chocolate mousse and chocolate wafers.

The inside of the restaurant was beautiful. It reminded me of The Grand Floridian Cafe in Walt Disney World. Charming and proper.

I would recommend this location only if you are on the premium meal plan, the cost to pay out of pocket and eat ala carte is expensive. If I had had the starter and main from the regular menu it would have set me back €90.

What are your thoughts? Have you eaten at the Californian Grill? Let me know in the comments

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