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Morimoto Asia Street Food review

Morimoto Asia Street Food is located in Disney Springs and is a kiosk/ counter service attached to the dining location Morimoto Asia.

There are very few eats here, but what they do, they extremely well. They have a selection of sushi, ramen, noodles, bao buns and bubble teas.

I decided to have the two sushi rolls, California roll and tempura roll, these are made fresh everyday onsite and replenished frequently. As I ordered my food, I could see everything being made freshly behind the counter. It was nice to see.

I also chose the popping boba tea. It was iced green tea with a choice of kiwi or strawberry boba ball. I chose kiwi balls. There were far to many boba balls. So I drank the drink super quick and was left with half a cup of boba balls. I didn’t mind, it was just an effort to suck them through a straw.

Out of the two sushi rolls the tempura roll was my favourite, it had the most flavour. The two rolls and the drink was enough to fill me up. I had planned on having them as a snack.

After eating at Street Food, I really wish I had eaten at the main restaurant, I am a huge fan of sushi. I think on our next trip we will certainly be dining there.

Have you had the opportunity to eat at Morimoto Asia Street Food? What did you pick? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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