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Woody’s Lunch Box – Lunch review

We ate twice at this counter service location in Toy Story Land during our recent trip, the first was for lunch and the second was breakfast which will be in a separate post.

I love the new Toy Story Land, when you step inside you are made to feel like you are shrunk down to the size of a toy throughout the whole land and when you dine in this location it is no exception. There are giant Babybel seats, meccano structures, giant animal crackers and green army men.

The counter service location designed as Andy’s lunch box.

Babybel sponsors the land. Can you tell?

The lunch menu.

We arrived around 11.30am and had missed breakfast by about an hour. I knew the menu for lunch and breakfast like the back of my hand by the time I arrived. I had the grilled cheese sandwich with a side of tots (I fricking love tots), you can have your grilled sandwich with tots or a tomato soup, the raspberry pop tart (they serve either raspberry or chocolate hazelnut) and a mystic portal punch! Sam had the beef sandwich minus the cheese, they cooked it fresh for him and a side of tots.

The Mystic Portal Punch, $4.49 or $16.19 with and alien claw sipper!

My grilled cheese sandwich, this was really good the ratio of filling to bread was excellent. Well worth the money, plus, tots! Did I mention that.

Sam’s beef brisket sandwich, minus the cheese, this was filled with plenty of BBQ sauce and plenty of beef, there was no scrimping on the filling on this.

The breakfast pop tart was my favourite thing from the counter service that day. The tart looks small, it is not. It is really thick too, while the pastry looks dry, it is moist and also has a layer of raspberry jam running through the middle. Sam said it reminded him of a empire biscuit, I have never had one so could not comment on that, however I thought it tasted like a Mr Kipling cake. I also wish we had had one each and did not share this.

The meal cost us $35 and was completely worth it.

Have you had lunch at Woody’s Lunch Box? What are your thoughts? Would you dine here? Let me know in the comments.

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