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Woody’s Lunch Box – Breakfast review

I was so excited about eating here, two words…. smores… sandwich. Woody’s Toy Box is located in Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios. 

Woody’s Lunch Box is a fantastic counter service location in Hollywood Studios. In the land you are shrunk down to the size of a toy and explore Andy’s back garden. I must point out there is little shade at this location so suggest while one of your party orders and pays and the other finds a seat.

Ordering kiosk, disguised a box of Trixie treats.

The kiosk, designed as Andy’s lunch box.

The breakfast menu, it varied in sweet and savoury. choices. Plenty on options for everyone.

When this counter service menu was first announced I knew I NEEDED to have the smores sandwich that was on the menu, chocolate yes, marshmallow yes, custard soaked bread sprinkled with crushed graham crackers YES! All of this is grilled and it was like eating absolute perfection. As I sit here, I can still remember how it tastes and I know I need another, right now! The sandwich was warm and there was plenty of filling. It was extremely messy, but who cares? Smores. Give me smore.

I also had another raspberry pop tart. My thoughts for this in the Woody’s Lunch Box lunch review.

The breakfast cost us, £24 and like the lunch we had was worth the money and would be happy to dine here again.

Have you had the pleasure to eat at Woody’s Lunch Box? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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