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Be Our Guest Dinner review

Be our guest, be our guest, lets put their service to the test!

We visited Be Our Guest 2 months after the new pre fixe menu had been in place. We have visited the location In Magic Kingdom 3 times before this, once for breakfast and twice for dinner. The restaurant opened in 2012 and has and is one of the hardest reservations to bag for dinner, most if not all the reservations are gone at the 180 day mark. We booked ours at our 180 day + 10 mark and there was plenty.

The menu used to be ala carte, however the new pre fixe menu came in to effect at the end of August 2018, it is now two dining credits for dinner if you are on the dining plan, it is not worth it. Most people on the dining plan will pay our of pocket for this reservation. At $55 per person (now $60 per person as of 4th October 2018) for the 3 course meal and a soft drink (alcohol is not included) the dining plan costs $75 per night and uses two credits, it is simply not good use of the dining credits.

I love this restaurant and I have since the day I stepped foot inside, the main dining hall is the ballroom, the same where Belle and Beast dance, the chandeliers and painted ceiling are stunning, I would pay to just go in there and look. There are two smaller rooms too, the West Wing, which has the rose under the glass, ripped paintings and tapestries. It is well themed however, I do not like it for 2 reasons, 1, it is to dark and 2, it is not the beautiful ballroom. The second room is decorated with Belle and Beasts ‘future’ holiday photos, it also has a large music box in the middle with Belle and Beast dancing too.

The Master comes and visits in the study, he dressed in his finest outfit and ready to meet all guests.

I want to say now we both really enjoyed the food here and we love the restaurant however our server on this occasion was not great and slightly ruined our experience. I will call her Throwy McThrowface, our meals, drinks and everything else were thrown in front of us with little to no care, Sam had asked for a coke when we sat down and he did not receive it until he had finished his main. At no point did she check up on us until we finished our main meals.

Anyway, enough of the service, I really don’t want this to put anyone off. It has not put me off, one server will not ruin my overall Disney experience.

The new menu is fantastic.

Here’s a look at it.

I had the lobster bisque and Sam had the octopus. The lobster bisque was nice however I did only find one piece of lobster in it. It reminded me of the lobster bisque they serve in Coral Reef restuarant. It was the first time Sam had had octopus and he really enjoyed it, he described the texture to be like a red meat (I don’t eat red meat so I wouldn’t know, not did I want to try, the tentacle looked scary to me).

For mains I had the vegetarian option and Sam had the beef. Mine was delicious and well presented. My only issue was that there was not enough, I could have eaten another 10 plate! Sam was not impressed with his beef, he took two mouthfuls and said it tasted like two different pieces of meat stuck together, he also called the portion small.

Dessert was what I was looking forward too…! The grey stuff! Be Our Guest has been serving the grey stuff since they opened, whether it be on a cake or pastry or is this little Chip cup, the recipe has not changed. It is a cookies and creme mousse and I love it. Sam thinks it is ‘bitterly average’ but please don’t listen to him.

You get three mini desserts with you three course meal. I asked for the nut free option as the macaroon and cherry ganache both contained nuts. I was instead given two cake pops along with my grey stuff. I tried to get more grey stuff but Throwy McThrowface was having none of it. Although the dessert looks small. It is alot. I couldn’t eat all of my white chocolate Chip. The cake pops were extremely bland and boring. Sam thoroughly enjoyed the macaron but said the alcohol in the cherry ganache was too much.

The dessert usually comes presented on a sheet of rice paper with a rose stain glass window design but we were told they had run out.

Overall this is one of my favourite places to dine. The new menu has proven popular guests and I agree. If you are on the dining plan, just pay out of pocket and save the credits.

Have you dined at Be Our Guest before? What are your thoughts? Have you eaten the old and new menu? Or just the old or new? Was it worth price? Let mr know your thoughts in the comments.

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