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1900 Park Fare review

The Supercalifragilistic breakfast was a last minute decision for us and it was practically perfect in every way.

We booked the reservation the day before we went, it was clearly a cancellation on someone elses part and I am glad. It was super fun. 1900 Park Fare is located in the Grand Floridian resort, next to The Grand Floridian Cafe.

Our reservation was at 8.20am, we booked a Lyft, but this time with regular car instead of a Minnie Van, it cost $11 in total. When we checked in, we waited only a few minutes before we were seated for breakfast, before we had even sat down we saw Mary Poppins and Alice from across the room.

Our server told us Mary, Alice, Mad Hatter and Pooh would visit our table and it would take an hour or so to meet them. However within 20 minutes we had met them all, it was the best character interaction I believe I have ever had. I was like an absolute child, grinning from ear to ear through the whole experience. Mary was delightful, so proper and telling us stories on how she was taking the children to the seaside, I was talking with Alice and Hatter about tea parties, unbirthdays and fixing pocket watches with anything apart from mustard. Hatter was yelling across the room that is was peoples birthday/unbirthdays and teasing Alice from afar. It should probably be noted that at this location there are no photo pass members with the characters, so you have to take your own photos.

The restaurant had a whimsical, seaside feel, an organ on the back wall and lovely chandeliers are the first thing you see. A carousel horse, dragon, camel and horse/mermaid mounted in the floor in the middle of the restaurant, the tables are set out around them.

Breakfast was a buffet and it costs $35 per person for breakfast, juice and regular coffee is included. Lunch and dinner will cost more.

1900 Park Fare is not just any buffet, it did have the regular items such as, bacon, sausage, hash browns, Mickey waffles and scrambled egg, however there was also red velvet pancakes, signature strawberry soup (I put chocolate chips in mine) and gummy bear pancakes!! It was a dream. I have never felt like more of a child like I did in here.

Here are some photos of the buffet.

Strawberry soup.

My second plate. Yes all these items are from the children’s section.

Overall this was one of my favourite experience of the whole trip, Alice and Hatter were incredible and being an Alice fan I was in my element. The food, the characters and restaurant were all easily a 10/10.

Have you dined at 1900 Park Fare for breakfast? How was your experience? Is this something you would plan in for your trip? Let me know in the comments.

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