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Cheshire Cat Tail review

The Cheshire Cafe is located in ‘old’ Fantasyland a couple of steps away from Mad Tea Party. This is a small kiosk that serves tea, coffee and sodas. It also sells the fan favourite The Cheshire Cat Tail. I have had one before a few years ago and wanted to try one again.

The snack itself is essentially a warm chocolate twist pastry with coloured icing drizzled on top. Unfortunately it was bitterly average, exactly as I remembered. The pastry felt wet and the chocolate was luke warm, the icing broke and fell off as soon as the pastry was bitten in to.

It was not worth the $4.99 you pay. It is snack credit eligible so perhaps if you need to use up your credits, you could use it on this. But I do not recommend paying out of pocket for this item.

The Cheshire Cat Tail. Looks fantastic, does not taste good.

Have you eaten a Cheshire Cat’s Tail before? What do you think of the item? Let me know in the comments.

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