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What’s in my bag?

This post will be either useful or useless, you decide…..

I have decided to write a post on what is in my carry on bag for my travels to Florida. I will use my current carry on bag, a small back pack 10inches x 8inches x 3inches, for the parks each day too. I used this method in Shanghai/ Hong Kong earlier on in the year, it saved on suitcase space and I wasn’t moving things from bag to bag, works for me. (Can you see my Duffy keyring).

Over the years I have used a variety of bags, clutch bags, cross body bags and iddy biddy handbags that probably couldn’t even be considered a handbag . My mini back pack is by far preferable for a carry on item and park day bag, it leaves both my hands free, storage space is great and I don’t have to keep picking it up and down. I was worried that on a hot, sunny day in Florida my back would become wetter that the back side of water similar to the Jungle Cruise ride, however, the straps on the bag I chose extend long enough so the bag does not even touch my back. Winner.

Firstly and most importantly, passport and money of the country travelling too, in this case, dollars. In Disney (please note, Disney and not USA), they will accept a photo of you passport as a form ID for purchasing alcohol within all the parks, restaurants and resorts, so if you took a photo on your phone of you passport or a printed copy, this would be accepted. So there is no need to take your passport to the parks each day. It is personal preference as to what you do, but we like to take a photo and keep on our phone and leave our passport in our resort safe.

Next, earplugs, my phone and ear phones. I don’t always like to watch inflight entertainment, I like to save up my podcasts and listen to them, listen to relaxing music (I am not going to lie, I will probably be listening to Disney soundtracks). I bought the earplugs online, I forget what company and what make they are and I wish I didn’t because they are the best earplugs I have ever used in my life. They block out the music from the pub over the road when I sleep at home, car alarms and snoring. So on a plane they are great, I can barely hear the plane engines or children crying.

My Anker charger that I bought on Amazon (yes of course it had to be pink, it came with the black wire that charges the charger and the bag, the lead used to attach the charger to my phone I had to purchase separately. The charger was £12.99 and the little pink connector silicone wire cost £6.99 again from Amazon. The charger takes about 2 hours to fully charge and on a recent test took 45 minutes to charge my phone from 9% battery to 100%. It can only hold enough charge for about 1.5 phone charges, which is plenty to get you through a long day in a Disney park. I just need to remember to charge it each night. I do not use any fancy camera for taking photos, I simply use my iPhone, it is convenient for me.

I also like to take a book for the plane, I probably (definitely) won’t even read it while I’m away and only pick it back up on the flight on the way home, but again it is a great way to pass the time on a long haul flight.

Sunglasses, a card holder which will hold local currency (British pounds) incase I want to purchase something from duty free or buy a coffee in the airport. I also take my drivers license and credit card incase of emergency. As a non American citizen, whenever I make purchases on my credit card I will also show my drivers license as a form of ID along with it.

Now for a some vanity items, hand wipes and hand sanitiser, germs, germs everywhere. I will not travel without these items. Vaseline or lip balm. Eyeliner, concealer and mascara. After a long haul flight, I will always want to touch up my make up. The TSA do not need to sleep my sleepy make up face. All of these items will go in to a small see though bag before I leave the house. I hate getting to the airport and there are people who are extremely unprepared, they don’t separate liquids from other items, they will travel with liquids over 100ml. Guys, sort it before you leave, believe me it speeds up the process or going through security. All you do is pull your little clear bag out and you are good to go.

If you can’t tell already, I travel frequently and love to plan and be organised. How do you pack your bag? Are there any essentials you think I have missed? How far in advance do you like to pack? Are you organised? Or do you just wing it? Let me know in the comments.

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