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Campfire cupcake review

We travelled from Magic Kingdom by boat to Wilderness Lodge to get this cupcake.

I can honestly say I would travel far and wide across Disney property to sample the best cakes. This one was incredible and was worth the jouney.

When we got to Wilderness Lodge, I knew exactly where to go and exactly what I was looking for. When you get off the boat, follow the little path to the resort and it takes you right in to their counter service Roaring Fork.

(Roaring Forks entrance)

As I headed towards this cupcake, I knew it was the one for me, it has marshmallow and choclate in the name. Heaven. Once I picked it up and went to the register to pay, two separate guests told me how incredible this cupcake would be. My exictment was growing, I couldn’t wait for money to exchange hands so then I could go and eat it.

The chocolate cupcake is cored and topped with a marshmallow frosting, it had a oreo cookie sprinkle on top to look like soil, chocolate rocks and plain coloured icing to look like a fire. There was also a chocolate stick popping out with a little marshmallow on it to look like it was being toasted. Extremely cute.

(Inside the cupcake)

Aswell as looking great, the taste of this cupcake was out of this world, I could have eaten buckets of the marshmallow frosting by itself. The cake was moist and a generous size, probably enough for one if you are hungry but also a perfect size to share between two (though I do not recommend this, it’s to good).

My only negative about this cupcake, is the red colouring, I don’t know why but red coloured things in Disney taste red, which I know sounds odd, but the taste is odd and can only be described this way. Red tastes red.

Have you made a special journey to Wilderness Lodge to eat the campfire cupcake? Have you stayed there and tried it? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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