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Peter Pan float review

The Peter Pan float made its debut in July this year. Yet another snack that that was not met with rave reviews. I was hesitant to try it.

However I saw one of my favourite podcasters try it and enjoy it, so I knew I had to try. The tartness of the keylime soft serve really pairs well with the sweetness of the sprite. I could take or leave the chocolate feather, it was white with a red colour sprayed on top. It tasted red. Not that red could be described nor does red have a flavour, but it certainly tasted red.

This soft serve is also availiable for a Halloween treat, Maleficent waffle cone, it is the same keylime soft serve as used in the Peter Pan float, however in a black waffle cone with chocolate horns.

Although this dessert tastes good, it does not rival the Magic Kingdom favourite Dole Whip.

Have you tried the Peter Pan float or Maleficent waffle cone? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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