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Mermaid donut review

The mermaid donut, is availiable from Eric’s across the way from Ariel’s Under the Sea Adventure.

I have recent read a review that said this donut was the best tasting donut ever, if you have never eaten a donut in your life.

This is simply not true. This donut was fresh, it was soft, (it had the similar look to a croissant, however did not taste like it), it had sweet icing and chocolate coloured shells and mermaid tail. The chocolate was white chocolate that was decorated with food colour, this melted on to your fingers as soon as you picked it up (children and clothes beware).

I can honestly say I really enjoyed this item, it is extremely instagram-worthy and a delight to eat. Sam and I shared it because it was so big.

Have you had chance to eat the Mermaid donut? What do you think it tastes as good as it looks or is just a show piece with no taste? Let me know in the comments.

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