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Memory Maker and Magic Shots in Walt Disney World


I will happily go back year after year to Walt Disney World to have magic shots taken. They are fun and really make a family photo magical and they are always adding new seasonal photo opportunities.

You can buy Memory Maker on the day for $59 for a single days use, however it is worth noting that if you are staying more than 3 nights and plan to buy photo pass for each day it would be worth buying in advance for $169 on the MDE app for the length of your stay. Purchasing for the length of your stay upon arrival costs $199. If you are from the UK and purchase your ticket through the Disney website Memory Maker is included in your 14/21 day ultimate ticket or if you are an annual pass holder it also comes included. If you do not buy Memory Maker to buy a single printed photo will cost upwards of $29.

While the price seems steep, the benefits out weight the cons. For example, having professional quality photos of your family, unlimited downloads of all photos taken (even on ride photos automatically add on to your account), edits, not having to take your camera/phone out to taken the photo and it includes the magic shots and photo opportunities. The Memory Maker will be linked to your MDE account, all you have to do is touch one of the family members magic band to the photo pass cast members control pad and you will be able to see the pictures on the app within minutes of them being taken. There is a feature on the app where it will notify you once they are there to view. Photos are available to view for 45 days after they have been taken. After that they will disappear.

Photo pass cast members are dotted around each park, you can see where on the MDE app. They are usually placed near characters or by ‘landmarks’ within the parks. Such as Cinderella’s Castle, The Eiffel Tower in France EPCOT and at The Tree of Life. We make a point of visiting each photo pass cast member we see. Even if it is the same person twice in one day. The photos and magic shots taken are always different.

Here are a few of my favourite magic shots and photo opportunities taken over the past few years.

Do you buy Memory Maker when you visit WDW? Do you find it good value for money? Or do you only use it when it is free with your tickets? What is your favourite magic shot? Let me know in the comments.

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