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Toy Story Hotel Review

I love Toy Story, this hotel is amazing for any fan.

Before you even step inside the hotel the theming starts, the entrance to the hotel looks like a toy box you are about to step in to. There are marbles stacked by the check in desk, lollipop stick benches and building block seats. It is like you have shrunk down to the size of a toy.

The check in process was easy, the cast member who checked us in spoke enough English to check us in with no issues. They gave us an English times guide and map of the park.

There is a little merchandise shop with toys and gifts in. In the lobby there is a TV screen showing all the Toy Story films on a loop, one after the other.

As soon as you walk in the door to the hotel you can see Woody and Jesse doing meet and greets, every time they were outside the queues were minimal. The grounds have large statues of each of the characters, ground photo opportunities.

The elavators were one my favourite parts of the hotel. When you arrive to the lobby or your floor, the little green aliens speak with you and tell you that ‘you have arrived’. A lovely touch and made me smile every time.

The rooms look like you are in Andy bedroom with the famous cloud themed wallpaper and pictures of all his toys on the wall. There are toy sketches on the showers curtain and even themed cups, robes and slippers. There are a lot amenities included in hotel that you can take and keep during the stay, slippers, a themed tin, toothbrushes, shower gels and shampoos, a tote bag are among some of the items. The beds were comfortable and the room was a decent size for the two of us.

The hotel is extremely reasonably priced, ranging from £100 to £150 a night. It is in close proximity to the park however I would recommend taking the bus to get there. When you stay on site at this hotel you are eligible for 30 minutes early access to the park, The bus will take you to a separate gate in Downtown Disney and you just need to show the attendant at the gate your room key. This is a great perk that allows you to book fast passes as soon as you enter.

There is a small cafe in the hotel and a counter service restaurant. Sunnyside Market offers cakes and small treats while Sunnyside Cafe offers hot meals and treats. We only ate at the  Sunnyside Market. We wanted to experience as many of the food offerings in the park as we could.

(Green tea alien cake, from Sunnyside Market).

For the theming, price and and comfort I would definitely stay here again if I was in Shanghai.

Have you stayed at The Toy Story Hotel, would you stay again? Are you planning on staying? Let me know in the comments.

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